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1998A Study on Factors Affecting User Satisfaction for Computer- Based Information Systems: Using the Agricultural Product Market Information System as an Example周世玉; Jou Shyh-Yuh; 駱曉華; Luoh, Sheau-Huah-
2002A Study on Fuzzy Inventory Control Model of A Supply Chain周世玉; Shihyu Chou; 游世卿; Yu, Shih-Ching-
2002A Study on Relationship Between Consumer Characteristics and Internet Shopping Intention : Using Pershiable Food Products as an ExampleShinyu Chou; 周世玉; 郭淑雲; Guo, Shu-Yun-
2005A Study on Relationships among Service Recovery Strategy, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Behavior Intention: Using International Tourism Hotels in Taipei as an ExampleChou,ShihYu; 周世玉; Chiang, Yung-Chang; 江永昶-
2002A Study on the Attitude and Behavioral Intention:Using the Agricultural Information System as an example周世玉; Shihyu Chou; CHEN, WU.HSIU; 吳秀珍-
2002A Study on the Forcasting in Wholesale Price of Vegetables-A comparison between linear and nonlinear modelsChin-Shien Lin; 周世玉; 林金賢; Roung, Lin-Pei; 林佩蓉-
1998A Study on the Influencing Factors of User Information satisfaction of Electronic Ordering Systems In Fresh Food Selling Organizations周世玉; Shyh-Yuh Jou; Chang, Ming-Jung; 張明俊-
2005A Study on the Integrated Model of Retailer's Inventory Order Decision and Distributor's Product Transportation in a Supply Chain: Single-Period ProductsShihyu Chou; 周世玉; Hsu, Chia-Hsuan; 許家蘐-
1996A Study on the Performance of A Distribution Requirements Planning System Due to Autocorrelated Demands周世玉; Chou Shih-Yu; Liao, Hsien-Chou; 廖賢洲-
1997A Study on the Relationship between Process Quality and Outcome Quality in Service Industries:the Example of Taichung Flowers Auction Company周世玉; Chou Shi-Yu; Chi, Kuei-Ru; 戢桂如-
2010A Study on the Service Quality, Relation Marketing, Relation Quality and Customer Loyalty周世玉; 張樹之; 林金賢; Dr.Chin-Shien Lin; 楊良基; Yang, Liang-Chi; 中興大學-
1996A Study on the Strategic Group Analysis and Mobility Barriers of Taiwan Beverage Industry周世玉; Shih-Yu Chou; 張麗慧; Chang, Lih-Huey-
2012A web-feed based asynchronous dictionary service and its applications to mobile learning周世玉; Chin-Shien Lin; 林金賢; Shuchih Ernest Chang; 張樹之; 童敬惠; Tung, Ching-Huei; 中興大學-
2000XML/EDI在農產運銷通路之應用雛型開發與實施關鍵成功因素之探討周世玉; 呂瑞麟; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學農產運銷學系-
2007二階供應鏈存貨決策聯合制定之效益林金賢; 黃焜煌; 陳世良; 周世玉; 葉馨香; Yeh, Hsin-Hsiang; 中興大學-
2010人格特質、工作價值觀、組織文化與 個人-組織配適之探討陳心懿; Xin-Yi Chen; 周世玉; Shih-Yu Chou; 林金賢; Chin-Shien Lin; 張彥華; Chang, Yen-Hua; 中興大學-
2010以服務導向架構為基礎的個人化可攜式電子型錄平台之研究林金賢; 周世玉; 張樹之; 王嘉偉; Wang, Chia Wei; 中興大學-
2007以模擬為基礎之線上拍賣結標價預測模型陳世良; 黃焜煌; 周世玉; Shih-Yu Chou; 何泰儒; Ho, Tai-Ru; 中興大學-
2009以覆審作業為基礎所建構之企業授信預警系統之實證分析林昱成; 周世玉; 許光華; 蕭子誼; 林金賢; 黃瓊珍; Huang, Chuing-chen; 中興大學-
2007以類神經模糊法建構時間序列預測模型篩選機制陳世良; 黃焜煌; 林霖; 周世玉; 吳淑貞; Wu, Shu-Chen; 中興大學-