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2008Effect of plasma treatments on interface adhesion between SiOCH ultra-low-k film and SiCN etch stop layer張守一; Tsai, H.C.; Chang, Y.S.; Chang, S.Y.-
2008Effect of plasma treatments on interface chemistry and adhesion strength between porous SiO2 low-k film and SiC/SiN layers張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Huang, Y.C.-
2007Effect of plasma treatments on the interface chemistry and adhesion strength between cu metallization and SiCN etch stop layerChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Lee, Y.S.; Lu, C.L.-
2009Effect of residual stresses on mechanical properties and interface adhesion strength of SiN thin filmsHuang, Y.C.; 張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Chang, C.H.-
2009Effect of Streptococcus mutans on mechanical properties of human dental structuresChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chung, R.J.; Chou, F.C.; Hsiao, H.L.; Hsu, H.B.-
2011Effects of osteoporosis and nutrition supplements on structures and nanomechanical properties of bone tissueChang, Y.T.; 張守一; Chen, C.M.; Tu, M.Y.; Chen, H.L.; Chang, S.Y.; Tsai, T.C.; Wang, Y.T.; Hsiao, H.L.; 陳全木-
2007Emergence of Ag particles and their effects on the mechanical properties of TaN-Ag nanocomposite thin filmsTseng, C.C.; 張守一; Hsieh, J.H.; Wu, W.; Chang, S.Y.; Chang, C.L.; 吳威德-
2009Fabricated the Bi-stable Cholesteric Reflective Display and Analized the Optical Complementary Properties張守一; Shou-Yi Chang; 林永森; Yung-Sen Lin; Chia-Feng Lin; 林佳鋒; Tang, Wei-Jen; 湯惟仁; 中興大學-
2010Fabrication of the selective-growth ZnO nanorods with a hole-array pattern on a p-type GaN/Mg layer through a chemical bath deposition processLin, M.S.; 張守一; Chen, C.C.; Wang, W.C.; Lin, C.F.; Chang, S.Y.; 林佳鋒-
2007Grain size effect on nanomechanical properties and deformation behavior of copper under nanoindentation testChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chang, T.K.-
2012Growth Mechanism and Structural Correlations of Hydroxyapatites on Surface Functionalized Carbon FibersChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chen, J.Y.; Wen, S.Y.; Jian, T.Y.-
2009High thermal stability of AlCrTaTiZr nitride film as diffusion barrier for copper metallizationChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chen, M.K.-
2009Hydrothermal Growth and Interface Correlation of Highly Aligned ZnO Nanorod Arrays on UV-Activated Sol-Gel Transparent Conducting FilmsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Yang, N.H.; Huang, Y.C.-
2008Interface chemistry and adhesion strength between porous SiOCH low-k film and SiCN layersChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chang, J.Y.; Lin, S.J.; Tsai, H.C.; Chang, Y.S.Y.-
2005Investigation on the Thin-Film Nano-Mechanical Properties of Multi-level Copper Interconnects in Ultra-Large-Scale Integrated Circuits張守一; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學材料工程學系(所)-
2008Low-temperature curing of aluminum-doped zinc oxide films assisted by ultraviolet exposureChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Huang, Y.C.; Chu, H.H.; Hsiao, Y.C.; Yang, N.H.; Lin, C.F.-
2006Mechanical properties and deformation behavior of amorphous nickel-phosphorous films measured by nanoindentation test張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Lee, Y.S.; Hsiao, H.L.; Chang, T.K.-
2008Mechanical properties of TaN-Cu nanocomposite thin filmsHsieh, J.H.; 張守一; Liu, P.C.; Li, C.; Cheng, M.K.; Chang, S.Y.-
2004Mechanical property analyses of porous low-dielectric-constant films for stability evaluation of multilevel-interconnect structuresChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Chang, H.L.; Lu, Y.C.; Jang, S.M.; Lin, S.J.; Liang, M.S.-
2010Mechanical property and fracture behavior characterizations of 96.5 Sn-3.0 Ag-0.5 Cu solder jointsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Huang, Y.C.; Lin, Y.M.-