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2015The application of the subunit vaccine against infectious bursal disease in chickens with maternal antibody謝明昆; 卓晉丞; Chin-Cheng Cho; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Characterization and Application of the Monoclonal Antibody against Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Capsid Protein黃千衿; 張瑜芝; Yu Chih Chang; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2013Characterization the Infection of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype Ⅰ and Ⅲ邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 廖淑吟; Shu-Ying Liao; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014Comparative Analysis of Anti-influenza Virus Activity Mediated by Monoacetylcurcumin and Curcumin徐維莉; 李宜霖; Yi-Lin Li; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014A Comparative Study on Bacterial Invasion and Effects on Survival, Nitric Oxide Responses and Proinflammatory Cytokine Secretion of Raw 264.7 Macrophages Infected by Different Antibiotic-Resistant Characteristics of Salmonella Isolates張照勤; Chao-Chin Chang; 陳琬婷; Wan-Ting Chen; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014Construction and characterization of capsule gene knockout mutants of Avibacterium paragallinarum張伯俊; Poa-Chun Chang; 杜姿億; Tzu-Yi Tu; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Development of anti-M antibody to investigate the interaction of pr, M and E protein during dengue virus-like particle formation趙黛瑜; 黃政皓; Cheng-Hao Huang; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014Development of discriminating ELISA diagnostic reagents to classical swine fever virus (CSFV) and characterization of swine U6 promoter for short hairpin RNA expression黃千衿; Chienjin Huang; 吳經緯; Ching-Wei Wu; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015The Development of ELISA for the Detection of the Antibody against Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus謝明昆; 黃儀婷; Yi-Ting Huang; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014The effect of influenza vaccination on risk of acute myocardial infarction in people 65 years of age and older趙黛瑜; Day-Yu Chao; 劉欣怡; Hsin-Yi Liu; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所-
2014Enhancement of Immunity and Protection Efficacy in Chickens against Infectious Bronchitis by DNA Prime-Protein Boost Vaccination謝明昆; 高翊綺; Yi-Chi Kao; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Establishment of Recombinant Orf Virus Expressing Goatpox virus P32 Proteins徐維莉; Wei-Li Hsu; 趙譯棋; I-Chi Chao; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Evaluating Engineered Cytokines as Adjuvants for Newcastle Disease Vaccine邱繡河; 賴鈺雅; Yu-Ya Lai; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014Evaluation of Genotype III Vaccine against Newly Emerged Genotype I and Development of Genotype I Vaccine Candidate to Improve Vaccine Potency against Genotype I and III of Japanese Encephalitis Viruses邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 范怡琴; Yi-Chin Fan; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Expression and Structural Analysis of the Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Cap Protein黃千衿; 陳姿伃; Tzu-Yu Chen; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Functional Analysis of CdtABC Toxin from Avibacterium paragallinarum and Its Application 
to Vaccine Development張伯俊; 林佳君; Chia-Chun Lin; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Functional analysis of orf virus OV20.0 protein isoforms徐維莉; 曾宇揚; Yeu-Yang Tseng; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2014The Haemagglutinin of Avibacterium paragallinarum is a Trimeric Adhesin that Confers Cell Adherence and Biofilm Formation Activities張伯俊; Poa-Chun Chang; 王宜苹; Yi-Ping Wang; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015Host specificity and construction of a live attenuated vaccine strain of Muscovy duck parvovirus張伯俊; Poa-Chun Chang; 顏廷穎; Ting-Ying Yen; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所
2015The Host Specificity of Culex flavivirus邱賢松; Shyan-Song Chiou; 賴以勤; Yi-Chin Lai; 微生物暨公共衛生學研究所