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2008Effect of annealing temperature for Si0.8Ge0.2 epitaxial thin filmsChang, Y.M.; 戴慶良; Dai, C.L.; Cheng, T.C.; Hsu, C.W.-
2007Fabrication and characterization of a microelectromechanical tunable capacitorDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Lin, S.C.; Chang, M.W.-
2009Fabrication and Characterization of a Tunable In-plane Resonator with Low Driving VoltageKao, P.H.; 戴慶良; Dai, C.L.; Hsu, C.C.; Lee, C.Y.-
2010Fabrication and Characterization of CMOS-MEMS Thermoelectric Micro GeneratorsKao, P.H.; 戴慶良; Shih, P.J.; Dai, C.L.; Liu, M.C.-
27-Jun-2018Fabrication and Testing of Thermoelectric CMOS-MEMS Microgenerators with CNCs FilmYu-Wei Chen; Chyan-Chyi Wu; Cheng-Chih Hsu; Ching-Liang Dai; 戴慶良
2006Fabrication of a micromachined tunable capacitor using the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor post-process of etching metal layersDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Hsu, H.M.; Liu, M.C.; Wei, M.K.; Chang, M.W.-
2014Fabrication of Flexible Thermoelectric Generator Using Electroplating Technique戴慶良; 李汪麟; Wang-Lin Lee; 機械工程學系所
2008Fabrication of High Performance Micromechanical Switches and Tunable Micro Resonators戴慶良; 國立中興大學機械工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
2005Fabrication of integrated chip with microinductors and micro-tunable capacitors by complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor postprocessDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Tsai, C.H.-
2004Fabrication of MEMS RF Switches Compatible with the CMOS Process戴慶良; 張培仁; 國立中興大學機械工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
2015Fabrication of PDMS Flexible Thermoelectric GeneratorsChing-Liang Dai; 戴慶良; 林嘉哲; Jia-Zhag Lin; 機械工程學系所
2015Fabrication of Tungsten Trioxide Low Concentration Acetone SensorsChing-Liang Dai; 戴慶良; 鄭文豪; Wen-Hao Zheng; 機械工程學系所
2009Fabrication of Wireless Micro Pressure Sensor Using the CMOS ProcessDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Lu, P.W.; Wu, C.C.; Chang, C.L.-
2014Gas Sensing Microarray for Detecting VOCs戴慶良; 馮建富; Chien-Fu Fong; 機械工程學系所
2007Improvement of the outcoupling efficiency of an organic light-emitting device by attaching microstructured filmsLin, H.Y.; 戴慶良; Lee, J.H.; Wei, M.K.; Dai, C.L.; Wu, C.F.; Ho, Y.H.; Wu, T.C.-
2003In situ electrostatic microactuators for measuring the Young's modulus of CMOS thin filmsDai, C.L.; 戴慶良-
Jul-2012Influence+of+Annealing+Temperature+on+the+Mechanical+Properties+of+Sige+Epitaxial+Thin+Film戴慶良; 張原銘; 工學院
2015Integrated Gas Microsensors Array with Circuits on a ChipChing-Liang Dai; 戴慶良; 楊閔智; Ming-Zhi Yang; 機械工程學系所
2006Low voltage actuated RF micromechanical switches fabricated using CMOS-MEMS techniqueDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Chen, J.H.-
2009Manufacture of a Polyaniline Nanofiber Ammonia Sensor Integrated with a Readout Circuit Using the CMOS-MEMS TechniqueLiu, M.C.; 戴慶良; Dai, C.L.; Chan, C.H.; Wu, C.C.-