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2004Development of the headspace SPME/ATR-IR method for detection of chlorinated aromatic compounds in soilsYang, J.S.; 楊吉斯; Shih, W.Y.; Meng, F.C.-
2017Disposable sensing tube combined with single-fiber SERS sensor for Determination of Creatinine in UrineJyisy Yang; 楊吉斯; Ming-Chao Chien; 錢明照; 化學系所
2002Early salt stress effects on the changes in chemical composition in leaves of ice plant and Arabidopsis. A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy studyYang, J.; 顏宏真; Yen, H.E.; 楊吉斯-
2007Evanescent wave infrared chemical sensor possessing a sulfonated sensing phase for the selective detection of arginine in biological fluidsWei, Y.K.; 楊吉斯; Yang, J.-
2014Exploration of Catalytic and Electromagnetic Field Effect of Silver Nanomaterials by Vibrational Spectroscopy楊吉斯; 劉彥辰; Yen-Chen Liou; 化學系所
2018Fabrication and Application of Three-dimensional Polycarbonate Nanofibers for Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) MeasurementsJyisy_Yang; 楊吉斯; Balamurugan Murugesan; 巴拉姆; 化學系所
2002Fiber-optic chemical sensors: A general reviewYang, J.S.; 楊吉斯; Lee, C.J.; Wei, C.H.-
2012Green Analytical Methodologies for the Rapid Analysis of Organochlorine Compounds in Aqueous Samples using Microwave Assisted Graphene and Polymeric Hollow Fiber based Micro-Extraction Techniques Coupled with Gas Chromatography李茂榮; Maw-Rong Lee; 楊慶成; 楊吉斯; 徐永源; Thomas C. Yang; Jyisy Yang; Youn-Yuen Shi; 鄭政峰; Jen-Fon Jen; 庫碼; Ponnusamy, Vinoth Kumar; 中興大學-
2008Influences of Composition on Electroless Deposition of Silver Nanoparticles on Glass Substrates for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering MeasurementsCheng, M.L.; 楊吉斯; Yang, J.-
2005An infrared evanescent wave sensing system coupled with a hollow fiber membrane for detection of volatile organic compounds in aqueous solutionsWei, Y.K.; 楊吉斯; Yang, J.-
2002Infrared reflection-absorption method for the detection of aromatic compounds in aqueous solutions with limited sample volumesYang, J.S.; 楊吉斯; Chen, P.Y.-
2005Membrane-introduced infrared spectroscopic chemical sensing method for the detection of volatile organic compounds in aqueous solutionsYang, J.; 楊吉斯; Ramesh, A.-
2009Modified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 何佳安; 吳靖宙; 吳立真; Ja-an Annie Ho; Ching-Chou Wu; Li-Chen Wu; 曾志明; Jyh-Myng Zen; 蘇答; Prasad, Sudhakara; 中興大學-
2011Nafion 修飾型紅外光感測器量測尿液中肌酸酐含量之效果探討黃悉雅; Hsi-Ya Huang; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 余奕麟; Yu, Yi-Lin; 中興大學-
2008Nafion修飾紅外光化學感測器選擇性感測精胺酸之效果探討黃悉雅; 黃景帆; 楊吉斯; 呂滿玉; Lu, Mon-Yu; 中興大學-
2009Nanostructural Silver and Gold Substrates for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Measurements Prepared by Galvanic Displacement on Germanium DisksBrejna, P.R.; 楊吉斯; Griffiths, P.R.; Yang, J.-
2006A new infrared spectroelectrochemical cell for the detection of species generated by platinum and screen-printed carbon electrodesShih, W.Y.; 楊吉斯; Yang, J.-
2014Photochemical decoration of noble metals on tip of optical fiber for the detection of analytes in aqueous solution with ultra-low volume by Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering measurement楊吉斯; 王浩安; Hao-An Wang; 化學系所
2014Photoreduction assisted method in preparation of metallic nanoparticles on ZnSe crystals for surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopyJyisy Yang; 楊吉斯; 古涵如; Han-Ju Ku; 化學系所
2007Preparation and characterization by surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy of silver nanoparticles formed on germanium substrates by electroless displacementYang, J.; 楊吉斯; Griffiths, P.R.-