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2014Development of a Novel Platform Integrating Rolling Circle Amplification and Dipping Strip Technology for the Detection of Viral Nucleic AcidsChung-Chi Hu; 胡仲祺; 陳信宏; Hsin-Hung Chen; 生物科技學研究所
2015Development of a novel transgenic cell-suspension culture system to produce chimeric Bamboo mosaic virus particlesYau-Heiu Hsu; 徐堯煇; 塔米爾; Thangarasu Muthamil Selvan; 生物科技學研究所
2015The Different Response to Oxidative Stress for GIGANTEA(GI) Orthologues from Arabidopsis and Ferns楊長賢; 黃品瑄; Pin-Syuan Huang; 生物科技學研究所
2015Disruption of 3-ketosteroid 9α-hydroxylase B subunit gene resulting in the accumulation of androstadienedione in sterol-containing medium by Rhodococcus equiMenghsiao Meng; 孟孟孝; 葉津杏; Chin-Hsing Yeh; 生物科技學研究所
2015The effect of isocitrate dehydrogenase on Bamboo mosaic virus replication in Nicotiana benthamiana孟孟孝; 艾瑋苹; Wei-Ping Ai; 生物科技學研究所
2014The effect of NbSCL6 on Bamboo mosaic virus infection cycle in Nicotiana benthamiana蔡慶修; 王斯遠; Ssu-yuan Wang; 生物科技學研究所
2014The effect of NbUbE3R1 on the infection cycle of Bamboo mosaic virus in Nicotiana benthamianaChing-Hsiu Tsai; 蔡慶修; 張瑞恩; Jui-En Chang; 生物科技學研究所
2014Efficient production of human IFNγ protein in Nicotiana benthamiana plant and suspension cells by viral vectorsYau-Heiu Hsu; 徐堯煇; 江閔超; Min-Cho Jiang; 生物科技學研究所
2014Elevating Bioavailability of Curcumin via Encapsulation with a Novel Formulation of Artificial Oil Bodies and Stable Form of Tablet曾志正; 張銘聰; Ming Tsung Chang; 生物科技學研究所
2015Enzymatic Synthesis of Lipid II and Analogues and Identification of Bifunctional Undecaprenyl Phosphate PhosphataseChi-Huey Wong; 翁啟惠; 黃琳雅; Lin-Ya Huang; 生物科技學研究所
2014Expressing Infectious bursal disease virus vaccine by coupling Bamboo mosaic virus vector and plant transgenesisYau-Heiu Hsu; 徐堯煇; 袁琴雅; Chin-Ya Yuan; 生物科技學研究所
2014Expression of Chimeric Bamboo mosaic virus Coat Protein by Potato Virus X vectorYau-Heiu Hsu; 徐堯煇; 蘇峻暐; Chun-Wei Su; 生物科技學研究所
2012Fine Mapping and Trait Characterization of rolts in Rice呂維茗; Wei-Ming Leu; 黃文宏; Huang, Wen-Hung; 生物科技學研究所-
2016The Function of the SAS10/C1D Family Protein, Thallo, in PlantsGuang-Yuh Jauh; 趙光裕; 陳瀠莙; Ying-Jiun Chen; 生物科技學研究所
2014Functional analysis of Bamboo mosaic virus coat protein徐堯煇; 洪健仁; Chien-Jen Hung; 生物科技學研究所
2014Functional analysis of four genes in regulating flower organ senescence and abscission in Arabidopsis thalianaChang-Hsien Yang; 楊長賢; 汪柔辰; Jou-Chen Wang; 生物科技學研究所
2015Functional Analysis of FYL1, FYL2 genes and Investigation of the Protein Complexes for FYF in Arabidopsis楊長賢; 林珮慈; Pei-tzu Lin; 生物科技學研究所
2015Functional analysis of proteins interacting with DAFL1 to regulate ovule development楊長賢; 蔡旻晉; Min-Jin Tsai; 生物科技學研究所
2014Functional analysis of the interaction between Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV) replication protein and coat protein and the impact of the BaMV satellite RNA-encoded protein P20 on the accumulation of BaMV replication complex孟孟孝; 李成正; Cheng-Cheng Lee; 生物科技學研究所
2015Functional characterization of a NCED gene from Phaius tankervilliaeWei-Ming Leu; 呂維茗; 林立; Li Lin; 生物科技學研究所