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9-Nov-2015A low-complexity turbo MUD for MU-MIMO SC-FDMA systemsYu-Kuan Chang; Fang-Biau Ueng; Ying-Mu Yang; 翁芳標-
15-Feb-2018A novel MIMO‐GFDM receiver for next generation communicationYu‐Kuan Chang; Fang‐Biau Ueng; 翁芳標; Kun‐Zhan Wu
1-Feb-2018A novel turbo GFDM-IM receiver for MIMO communicationsYu-Kuan Chang; Fang-Biau Ueng; 翁芳標
2003Adaptive CDMA receiver for downlink multiuser interference suppressionUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Jeng, L.D.-
2008Adaptive detectors for MIMO DS/CDMA communication systemsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Tsai, S.C.; Chen, J.D.-
2008Adaptive DS-CDMA receiver with code tracking in phase unknown environmentsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Chen, J.D.; Tsai, S.C.-
2009Adaptive MDPSK DS/CDMA receivers with performance analysisChen, J.D.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.; Tsai, S.C.; Chang, J.C.; Chen, W.C.-
2005Adaptive receivers for DS/CDMA multiuser communication in multipath fading channelsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Jeng, L.D.; Chen, J.D.; Yang, J.Y.-
2003Adaptive Single-User Detection Receiver Design for Third Generation CDMA Mobile Communication Systems翁芳標; 鄭立德; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學電機工程系-
2009Adaptive Turbo Receivers for OFDM-CDMA Communication Systems-Design and Implementation翁芳標; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學電機工程學系(所)-
2008Anti-interference receiver structures for direct sequence spread spectrum signalsJeng, L.D.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.-
2006Blind adaptive channel equalization with performance analysisYu, S.J.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.-
2006Blind adaptive DS/CDMA receivers for multipath and multiuser environmentsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Chen, J.D.; Tsai, S.C.; Chen, P.Y.-
2006Blind adaptive DS/CDMA receivers for multipath and multiuser environments (vol 2, pg 440, 2006)Ueng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Chen, J.D.; Tsai, S.C.; Chen, P.Y.-
2004Blind channel estimation and equalization for multiple FIR channelsYu, S.J.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.-
2009Convergence analysis of adaptive DS-CDMA receivers in multi-path channelsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Wang, H.F.; Chang, J.C.-
2010A High-Capacity TH Multiple-Access UWB System With Performance AnalysisShen, Y.S.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.; Chen, J.D.; Huang, S.T.-
2008HIPERMAN 系統基頻接收機之FPGA 實現王忠炫; 鄭立德; 翁芳標; 王翰智; Wang, Hang-Chih; 中興大學-
2005An iterative method for blind equalization of multiple FIR channelsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標-
15-Jan-2014Iterative multiuser detection for LDPC MIMO SC-FDMA communication systemsShun-Rong Lee; Fang-Biau Ueng; Hsuan-Fu Wang; Yu-Kuan Chang; 翁芳標-