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2015Detection for Different Type Botnets Using Feature Subset Selection based on Modified Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm林冠成; 李偉強; Wei-Chiang Li; 資訊管理學系所
2014Developing a Personal Information Inventory Tracking and Managing System林詠章; Iuon-Chang Lin; 曾令嫻; Ling-Hsien Tseng; 資訊管理學系所
2015Development of iHealth APP Incorporating Face detection for UVI Prediction蔡孟勳; 王涵; Han Wang; 資訊管理學系所
2015Development of Wafer Bin Map Multiple Pattern Recognition Model-Using Genetic Algorithm詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 顏懷先; Huai-Hsien Yen; 資訊管理學系所
2015Document Overlapping Clustering Using Formal Concept Analysis呂瑞麟; Eric Jui-Lin Lu; 林于婷; Yu-Ting Lin; 資訊管理學系所
2014Dog Nose Region Image Segementation詹永寬; Yung-Kuhan Chuan; 楊千瑩; Chien-Ying Yanng; 資訊管理學系所
2015An Edge-based Light-weight Image Authentication Coding Scheme沈肇基; Jau-Ji Shen; 莊惠菁; Hui-Ching Chuang; 資訊管理學系所
2014Feature Selection based on an Improved Cat Swarm Optimization林冠成; 張愷元; Kai-Yuan Zhang; 資訊管理學系所
2014Fine-grained Access Control Models for Image Management Systems呂瑞麟; 陳品融; Ping-Jung Chen; 資訊管理學系所
2015Genetic Algorithm Base Cabbage Transfer Quantity Prediction of Wholesale Market in Taiwan詹永寬; 楊長憲; Chang Hsien Yang; 資訊管理學系所
2015A hybrid optimization algorithm based on Endocrine Particle Swarm and Artificial Bee Algorithm for classification model selection林冠成; 謝易修; Yi-Hsiu Hsieh; 資訊管理學系所
2015A hybrid statistical and genetic network approaches to analyze mouse brain microarray dataset蔡孟勳; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; 李佩容; Pei-Jung Lee; 資訊管理學系所
2014Image based bicycle riding posture examining system詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 劉昭祥; Chao-Shyang Liou; 資訊管理學系所
2014Inspection of Enterprise human resource system personal information security – an Instance of a company's HR system in central林詠章; Iuon-Chang Lin; 賴芳敏; Fang-Min Lai; 資訊管理學系所
2015Malignant Hypertensive Retinopathy Diagnosing System Based on Image詹永寬; 郭安陞; An-Shang Kuo; 資訊管理學系所
2014MAP2 Antibody Staining Rat Brain Tissue Image Based Stroke Stage Diagnostic Method詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 楊智婷; Chih-Ting Yang; 資訊管理學系所
2015Market Trading Volume Predict System: Case of Pomelo in Taiwan沈肇基; Jau-Ji Shen; 黃仁佑; Jen-Yu Huang; 資訊管理學系所
2014A Mobile Recommender Service and System Implementation for Clothes Shops陳育毅; 林庭瑜; Ting-Yu Lin; 資訊管理學系所
2014A Modified Lion's Algorithm for Feature Selection of Support Vector Machines林冠成; Kuan-Cheng Lin; 黃齡德; Ling-De Huang; 資訊管理學系所
2014A Modiified Artificia Fish Swarm Algoriithm for Feature Selecttion and Parammeter Optimizzation of Suupport Vector Machine林冠成; 陳斯揚; Sih-Yanng Cheen; 資訊管理學系所