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2014MRI Image Based Automatic Vertebrae Segmentation Method蔡孟勳; Meng-Shiun Tsai; 洪愷均; Kai-Chun Hung; 資訊管理學系所
2014NeuN Antibody Staining Rat Brain Neurons Smear Images Based Stroke Diagnostic System詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 游凱傑; Kai-Jie You; 資訊管理學系所
2014Optic Disc Image Segmentation of Retina詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 謝祖慈; Tsu-Tzu Hsieh; 資訊管理學系所
2015PET-Image-Based Esophagus Tumor Segmentation詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 戴余庭; Yu-Ting Tai; 資訊管理學系所
2012PET影像自動腫瘤切割方法詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 楊薇靜; Yang, Wei-Jing; 資訊管理學系所-
2015Plasmodium Falciparum Diagnosis System Based On Blood Smear Image詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 蘇裕閔; Yu-Min Su; 資訊管理學系所
2014Prediction of Ovarian Cancer Stages and Construction of Gene Network by Integrating Machine Learning and Bioinspired Algorithms蔡孟勳; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; 林守羿; Shou-Yi Lin; 資訊管理學系所
2013Privacy Image Protection Using Fine-grained Technique呂瑞麟; Eric Jui-Lin Lu; 王楚帆; Chu-Fan Wang; 資訊管理學系所
2014Ratio Computation of Stroke Rat Brain Infarct Volume and Atrophy Volume Relative to the Normal Brain Volume詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 張雅嵐; Ya-Lan Chang; 資訊管理學系所
2014Retinopathy Symptom Detection and Retinal Detachment Diagnosis System詹永寬; Yung-Kuan Chan; 劉雅琪; Ya-Chi Liu; 資訊管理學系所
2015Reversible data hiding based on block scaning and adjacent pixel difference蔡垂雄; Der-Chyuan Lou; 王健宇; Chien-Yu Wang; 資訊管理學系所
2015RFID Location-based Healthcare System蔡孟勳; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; 黃裕閔; Yu-Min Huang; 資訊管理學系所
2015The Risk Assessment of Personal Information Management System in Taiwan楊朝成; 吳俞萱; Yu-Hsuan Wu; 資訊管理學系所
2014The Study of Apps Implement for Situated Problem-based Learning on Bioinformatics Course蔡孟勳; 林雨臻; Yu-Chen Lin; 資訊管理學系所
2015Study of Bio-inspired Algorithms Applied to Human cDNA Microarray Dataset of Ovarian Cancer Target Genes蔡孟勳; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; 蔡宇紘; Yu-Hung Tsai; 資訊管理學系所
2015A Study of Custom Panoramas Walkthrough System and Route Direction Mobile App陳育毅; Yu-Yi Chen; 陳子儀; Tzu-Yi Chen; 資訊管理學系所
2014A Study of Data Mining of Electric Power Load Management of High Voltage Customers in Taiwan許志義; 呂惠芳; Hui-Fang Lu; 資訊管理學系所
2014A Study of Data Perturbation in Outsourced Databases for Preserving Privacy林詠章; Iuon-Chang Lin; 楊立誠; Li-Cheng Yang; 資訊管理學系所
2014A Study of Defending Compromised Nodes Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks楊朝成; Chou-Chen Yang; 李維騰; Wei-Teng Lee; 資訊管理學系所
2015A Study of Efficient Search in P2P Network楊朝成; Chou-Chen Yang; 翁俊政; Jun-Zheng Yoong; 資訊管理學系所