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2005(Plant Disease,89:440-445)A chlorotic spot disease on calla lilies ( Zantedeschia spp . ) is caused by a tospovirus serologically but distantly related to Watermelon silver mottle virusC. C. Chen; T. C. Chen; Y. H. Lin; S. D. Yeh; H. T. Hsu; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
2003(Plant Pathol. Bull., 12:291)Transient expression of foreign protein in plants by the infectious cDNA clone of Turnip mosaic virusC. C. Chen; C. A. Chang; S. D. Yeh; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
2004(Plant Pathol. Bull.,13:283-290)Serological and molecular characterizations of a hibiscus-infecting tobamovirus in TaiwanF. L. Liu; T. C. Chen; S. D. Yeh; H. T. Hsu; C. C. Chen; H. J. Bau; Y. K. Chen; 國立中興大學植物病理學系
2003(Plant pathology Bulletin,12:289)Serological and molecular characterization of Calla lily chlorotic ringspot virus , a new species of the genus Tospovirus belonging to WSMoV serogroupY. H. Lin; T. C. Chen; M. H. Chung; C. C. Chen; H. T. Hsu; S. D. Yeh; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
1991(Plant Prot. Bull., 33(4):421)Effect of formulated soil amendment on root-colonizing ability of fluorescent PseudomonadsC. C. Chen; S. T. Hsu; J. W. Huang; K. C. Tzeng; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
2009(Proceedings of 2009 International Symposium of Stem Cells and Biogengineering, pP1-2)Aberrant reprogramming life cycle of imprinted genes in cloned porcine genomeC. J. Shen; S. C. Wu; W.T.K. Cheng; T. C. Tsai; C. C. Chen; H. L. Chen; C. M. Chen; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
2001(Proceedings of SPIE, l:4283)Characteristics of dark current and photocurrent in superlattice infrared photodetectors孫允武; Yun-wu sun; W. H. Hsieh; C. C. Chen; J. M. Chen; Y. W. Suen; C. H. Kuan; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
Sep-2007Temperature Dependence of the Excess Noise of a GaN Nanowire Device孫允武; Yun-wu sun; L. C. Li; S. Y. Huang; J. A. Wei; Y. W. Suen; M. W. Lee; W. H. Hsieh; T. W. Liu; C. C. Chen; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所-
2007(Virus Research, 130 :210-227)Effectiveness and stability of heterologous proteins expressed in plants by Turnip mosaic virus vector at five different insertion sitesC. C. Chen; T. C. Chen; J. A. J. Raja; C. A. Chang; L. W. Chen; S. S. Lin; S. D. Yeh; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-