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2004(Analytical Letters,37(7):1373-1384)Identification of Gasoline Soot in Suspect Arson Cases by Using Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction-GC/MS李茂榮; M. R. Lee; C. H. Wu; C. L. Chen; M. R. Lee; C. M. Huang; C. T. Huang; 國立中興大學化學系
2006Comparative characterizations of growth performance and lipid metabolism between two chicken linesH. Y. Liu; Y. P. Lee; C. L. Chen; 國立中興大學動物科學系-
2000(Life Sci., 67(17):2103-2115)Growth enhancement of fowls by dietary administration of recombinant yeast cultures containing enriched growth hormoneC. M. Chen; Winston T. K. Cheng; Y. C. Chang; T. J. Chang; C. L. Chen; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
2005(The Review of scientific instruments, 76:084704.1-084704.7)Instrumentation of a high-sensitivity microwave vector detection system for low-temperature applications孫允武; Yun-wu sun; Y. W. Suen; W. H. Hsieh; C. L. Chen; L. C. Li; C. H. Kuan; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
Jun-2009Vibration Control of Structures Equipped with Passive Tuned Mass Dampers under Near-Fault Earthquake Excitation林其璋; C. C. Lin; C. C. Lin; C. L. Chen; J. F. Wang; 國立中興大學土木工程學系-
2008(Virology,378(2):226-232)Genome sequence of the lytic bacteriophage P1201 from Corynebacterium glutamicum NCHU 87078: evolutionary relationships to phages from CorynebacterineaeC. L. Chen; T. Y. Pan; S. C. Kan; Y. C. Kuan; L. Y. Hong; K. R. Chiu; C. S. Sheu; J. S. Yang; W. H. Hsu; H. Y. Hu; 國立中興大學分子生物學研究所-