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2004(Microsystem Technologies,10(5):351-356)New electroforming technology pressure aid for LIGA processT.H. Tsai; H. Yang; R. Chein; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2004(Microsystem Technologies,10(7):571-577)High-aspect-ratio microstructure filling by centrifugal force field modelingT.H. Tsai; H. Yang; R. Chein; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2005(Microsystem Technologies,12:082-090)Fabrication of microlens array with graduated sags using UV proximity printing methodH. Yang; C.K. Chao; T.H. Lin; C.P. Lin; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2005(Microsystem Technologies,12:173-179)Integrated electromagnetic microactuator with a large driving forceC.T. Pan; H. Yang; M.C. Chou; S.C. Shen; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2006(Microsystem Technologies,12:187-192)High-aspect-ratio microstructural posts electroforming modeling and fabrication in LIGA processH. Yang; R. Chein; T.H. Tsai; J.C. Chang; J.C. Wu; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2006(Microsystem Technologies,12:760-765)Microchannel heat sink fabrication with roughened bottom wallsH. Yang; F. Lee; R. Chein; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2006(Microsystem Technologies,12:899-905)Triplex-Pumping CD-Like Microfluidic Platform with Parabolic MicrochannelsG.J. Wang; J.H. Chang; H. Yang; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2006(Microsystem Technologies,12:907-912)New production method of convex microlens arrays for integrated fluorescence microfluidic detection systemsH. Yang; R.F. Shyu; J.W. Huang; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2007(Microsystem Technologies,13:1537-1543)Concave microlens array mold fabrication in photoresist using UV proximity printingT.H. Lin; H. Yang; C.K. Chao; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2007(Microsystem Technologies,13:1601-1606)Micro-ball lens array fabrication in photoresist using PTFE hydrophobic effectR.F. Shyu; H. Yang; W.R. Tsai; J.C. Tsai; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2007(Microsystem Technologies,13:1623-1628)Miniaturized fluorescence excitation platform with optical fiber for bio-detection chipsH. Yang; C.T. Lee; F.Y. Chang; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2008(Microsystem Technologies,14(09-11):1263-1267)Fast patterning microstructures using inkjet printing conformal masksC.H. Lin; H. Yang; F.Y. Chang; S.H. Chang; M.T. Yen; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2008(Microsystem Technologies,14(7):1035-1040)New horizontal frustum optical waveguide fabrication using UV proximity printingT.H. Lin; H. Yang; R.F. Shyu; C.K. Chao; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2007(Microwave and Optical Technology Letters,49(1):023-029)The robust design for gapless microlens array fabrication using the incomplete developing and thermal reflow processS.Y. Hung; S.N. Chen; C.P. Lin; H. Yang; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2007(Optical Engineering,46(4):043402.1-043402.8)Optimal design using thermal reflow and caulking for fabrication of gapless microlens array mold insertsS.Y. Hung; C.P. Lin; H. Yang; Y.P. Chang; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2000(Sensors and Materials,11(6):339-347)Behavior of the developing process for ultra-deep microstructuresC.T. Pan; H. Yang; H.J. Wang; M.C. Chou; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2007(Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, DTIP 2007, Stresa, lago Maggiore, Italy:377-382)Fabrication of miniaturized variable-focus lens using liquid filling techniqueH. Yang; C.Y. Yang; M.S. Yeh; 國立中興大學精密工程所-
2003(Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering,06(3):145-150)Analogous micro-optical components fabricated using excimer laser ablationH. Yang; C.T. Pan; 國立中興大學精密工程所