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2010Modulation of energy deficiency in Huntington's disease via activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gammaChiang, M.C.; 李茂榮; Chen, C.M.; Lee, M.R.; Chen, H.W.; Chen, H.M.; Wu, Y.S.; Hung, C.H.; Kang, J.J.; Chang, C.P.; Chang, C.; Wu, Y.R.; Tsai, Y.S.; Chern, Y.-
2002Mutation in the Xanthomonas campestris xanA gene required for synthesis of xanthan and lipopolysaccharide drastically reduces the efficiency of bacteriophage phi L7 adsorptionHung, C.H.; Wu, H.C.; Tseng, Y.H.-
2008Nitric oxide physiological responses and delivery mechanisms probed by water-soluble Roussin's red ester and {Fe(NO)(2)}(10) DNICChen, Y.J.; Ku, W.C.; Feng, L.T.; Tsai, M.L.; Hsieh, C.H.; Hsu, W.H.; Liaw, W.F.; Hung, C.H.-
2011Nitrite-Mediated S-Nitrosylation of Caspase-3 Prevents Hypoxia-Induced Endothelial Barrier DysfunctionLai, Y.C.; Pan, K.T.; Chang, G.F.; Hsu, C.H.; Khoo, K.H.; Hung, C.H.; Jiang, Y.J.; Ho, F.M.; Meng, T.C.-
2002oriC Region and replication termination site, dif, of the Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris 17 chromosomeYen, M.R.; 翁淑芬; Lin, N.T.; Hung, C.H.; Choy, K.T.; Weng, S.F.; Tseng, Y.H.-
2007PAH biodegradation in surfactant-water systems based on the theory of cohesive energy density (CED)Chang, Y.T.; 洪俊雄; Lee, J.F.; Hung, C.H.-
2011Phase holdups and microbial community in high-rate fermentative hydrogen bioreactorsChu, C.Y.; 洪俊雄; Wu, S.Y.; Wu, Y.C.; Sen, B.; Hung, C.H.; Cheng, C.H.; Lin, C.Y.-
2011A pilot-scale high-rate biohydrogen production system with mixed microfloraLin, C.Y.; 洪俊雄; Wu, S.Y.; Lin, P.J.; Chang, J.S.; Hung, C.H.; Lee, K.S.; Lay, C.H.; Chu, C.Y.; Cheng, C.H.; Chang, A.C.; Wu, J.H.; Chang, F.Y.; Yang, L.H.; Lee, C.W.; Lin, Y.C.-
2010Pilot-scale hydrogen fermentation system start-up performanceLin, C.Y.; 洪俊雄; Wu, S.Y.; Lin, P.J.; Chang, J.S.; Hung, C.H.; Lee, K.S.; Chang, F.Y.; Chu, C.Y.; Cheng, C.H.; Lay, C.H.; Chang, A.C.-
2002Presence of Rhodocyclus in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant and their participation in enhanced biological phosphorus removalZilles, J.L.; 洪俊雄; Hung, C.H.; Noguera, D.R.-
2010Purple nonsulfur bacteria diversity in activated sludge and its potential phosphorus-accumulating ability under different cultivation conditionsLiang, C.M.; 洪俊雄; Hung, C.H.; Hsu, S.C.; Yeh, I.C.-
2007Quantitative analysis of a high-rate hydrogen-producing microbial community in anaerobic agitated granular sludge bed bioreactors using glucose as substrateHung, C.H.; 洪俊雄; Lee, K.S.; Cheng, L.H.; Huang, Y.H.; Lin, P.J.; Chang, J.S.-
2011Roles of microorganisms other than Clostridium and Enterobacter in anaerobic fermentative biohydrogen production systems - A reviewHung, C.H.; 洪俊雄; Chang, Y.T.; Chang, Y.J.-
2012Semiellipsoid microlens fabrication method using UV proximity printingHung, C.H.; Hung, S.Y.; Shen, M.H.; Yang, H.-
2010Spectroscopic and Functional Characterizations of Cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803 Mutants on and near the Heme Axial Ligand of Cytochrome b(559) in Photosystem IIHung, C.H.; Hwang, H.J.; Chen, Y.H.; Chiu, Y.F.; Ke, S.C.; Burnap, R.L.; Chu, H.A.-
2007Statistical properties of Taiwan stock indexHung, C.H.; Liaw, S.S.-
2007Three phases of the minority gameLiaw, S.S.; Hung, C.H.; Liu, C.-
2008The use of magnesium peroxide for the inhibition of sulfate-reducing bacteria under anoxic conditionsChang, Y.J.; 洪俊雄; Chang, Y.T.; Hung, C.H.-
2012When does investor sentiment predict stock returns?Chung, S.L.; Hung, C.H.; Yeh, C.Y.-
2004Xanthomonas campestris xanA gene is required for bacteriophage phi-L7 adsorption efficiencyHung, C.H.; Tseng, Y.H.-