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2004Nano-supported metal oxides as a new type of catalyst structureWong, M.S.; Knowles, W.V.; Jehng, J.M.; Wang, X.; Kim, T.J.; Ross, L.; Wachs, I.E.-
2008PETR 57-Oxidation catalysis over the nanosupported metal oxide catalystsJehng, J.M.; 鄭紀民; Pan, T.C.; Wachs, I.E.-
2003Quantitative determination of the number of surface active sites and the turnover frequency for methanol oxidation over bulk metal vanadatesBriand, L.E.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Cornaglia, L.; Hirt, A.M.; Wachs, I.E.-
2007Selective catalytic reduction of no with propane on Co-, and Zn-ZSM5Wang, K.H.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Wang, Y.L.-
2007Structural characteristics and reactivity properties of the tantalum modified mesoporous silicalite (MCM-41) catalystsJehng, J.M.; 鄭紀民; Tung, W.C.; Huang, C.H.; Wachs, I.E.-
2004Structure control of metal aluminum phosphate (MeAlPO-5) molecular sieves and applications in polyethylene glycol aminationChen, C.M.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.-
2008Supported vanadium oxide catalysts in selective oxidation of ethanol: Comparison of TiO2/SiO2 and ZrO2/SiO2 as supportsLin, Y.C.; 鄭紀民; Chang, C.H.; Chen, C.C.; Jehng, J.M.; Shyu, S.G.-
2008Synthesis and characteristics of multi-walled carbon nanotubes-polyimide nanocomposite filmsTsai, M.H.; 鄭紀民; Chen, D.S.; Chiang, P.C.; Lin, H.C.; Jehng, J.M.-
2009Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes synthesized over NiO/Na-montmorillonite catalyst and application to a hydrogen peroxide sensorHsu, H.L.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Liu, Y.C.-
2006Thermokinetic model simulations for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide contaminated with H2SO4 or NaOH by DSC and VSP2Chang, R.H.; 鄭紀民; Tseng, J.M.; Jehng, J.M.; Shu, C.M.; Hou, H.Y.-