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2001Hydrothermal synthesis of a thermally stable porous supramolecular pi-pi framework: {Co-2(C12H8N2)(4)(mu-C4O4)(OH2)(2)}C4O4 center dot 8H(2)OLai, S.F.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2003Intramolecular 2+2 photocycloaddition-fragmentation: Facile entry to a novel tricyclic 5-6-7 ring systemHong, B.C.; Chen, S.H.; Kumar, E.S.; Lee, G.H.; Lin, K.J.-
2010Large-sized Fabrication of Tunable Plasmonic Electrodes via ElectrodepositionChen, W.H.; Chen, Y.S.; Fu, S.J.; Ko, W.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2006A lithium ethylenediphosphonate containing lithium chains and symmetric hydrogen bondsCheng, C.Y.; 林寬鋸; Lin, K.J.-
2006Measuring plasmon-resonance enhanced third-harmonic chi((3)) of Ag nanoparticlesLiu, T.M.; 林寬鋸; Tai, S.P.; Yu, C.H.; Wen, Y.C.; Chu, S.W.; Chen, L.J.; Prasad, M.R.; Lin, K.J.; Sun, C.K.-
2007Molecular imaging of cancer cells using plasmon-resonant-enhanced third-harmonic-generation in silver nanoparticlesTai, S.P.; Wu, Y.; Shieh, D.B.; Chen, L.J.; Lin, K.J.; Yu, C.H.; Chu, S.W.; Chang, C.H.; Shi, X.Y.; Wen, Y.C.; Lin, K.H.; Liu, T.M.; Sun, C.K.-
2003NCHU-3: A crystalline inorganic-organic hybrid molecular sieve with extra-large cagesCheng, C.Y.; 林寬鋸; Fu, S.J.; Yang, C.J.; Chen, W.H.; Lin, K.J.; Lee, G.H.; Wang, Y.-
2007Neutron diffraction and specific heat studies on the magnetic ordering in the Fe-II(Delta)Fe-II(Lambda)(ox)(2)(Phen)(2) (n) molecular magnetHo, C.J.; Her, J.L.; Sun, C.P.; Yang, C.C.; Huang, C.L.; Chou, C.C.; Li, L.L.; Lin, K.J.; Li, W.H.; Lynn, J.W.; Yang, H.D.-
2002Novel 6+2 cycloaddition of fulvenes with alkenes: A facile synthesis of the anislactone and hirsutane frameworkHong, B.C.; Shr, Y.J.; Wu, J.L.; Gupta, A.K.; Lin, K.J.-
2000A novel oxidative alkylation-nitration of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds to dicyclopentadiene and norborneneHong, B.C.; 林寬鋸; Sun, H.I.; Shr, Y.J.; Lin, K.J.-
2005Os(CO)(2)(eta(2)-SC5H4N(O))(eta(2)-SC5H4N): structural evidence for the transformation of pyridine-2-thione N-oxide to pyridine-2-thiolate in osmium complexesLee, F.Y.; 林寬鋸; Huang, J.J.; Chen, Y.J.; Lin, K.J.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.; Hwu, J.R.; Lu, K.L.-
2006The properties of AlGaN films and AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown on (11(2)over-bar0) sapphire substratesLiao, W.T.; 林寬鋸; Gong, J.R.; Lin, S.W.; Wang, C.L.; Chen, K.C.; Shi, J.B.; Chang, S.Y.; Lin, K.J.; 龔志榮-
2009Quantifying DNA melting transitions using single-molecule force spectroscopyCalderon, C.P.; Chen, W.H.; Lin, K.J.; Harris, N.C.; Kiang, C.H.-
2007A reversible octahedral to trigonal-bipyramidal cobalt coordination change in an aquo-accessible coordination networkFu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2011The Role of the Fabrication of Anatase-TiO2 Chain-Networked PhotoanodesChen, J.Z.; Yen, Y.C.; Ko, W.Y.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2012Schist-like Nanostructured Manganese Oxides and Their Electrochemical Capacitance PropertiesChen, L.J.; Ko, W.Y.; Chen, Y.H.; Lin, K.J.-
1999SMTP-1: The first functionalized metalloporphyrin molecular sieves with large channelsLin, K.J.; 林寬鋸-
2006Solvothermal synthesis of self-assembled free-based porphyrin wiresLi, L.L.; 林寬鋸; Chuang, H.J.; Lin, K.J.-
2009Sonophysically-Exfoliated Individual Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Water SolutionSu, J.W.; Hsu, C.Y.; Fu, S.J.; Guo, C.H.; Lin, K.J.-