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1998Interaction of triosmium complexes with hydrogen chloride: A model for fine-tuning regioselective protonation in metal clustersChung, M.L.; 高漢謀; Lee, F.Y.; Lin, L.C.; Su, C.J.; Chen, M.Y.; Wen, Y.S.; Gau, H.M.; Lu, K.L.-
2003Micropropagation of Polygonum multiflorum THUNB and quantitative analysis of the anthraquinones emodin and physcion formed in in vitro propagated shoots and plantsLin, L.C.; Nalawade, S.M.; Mulabagal, V.; Yeh, M.S.; Tsay, H.S.-
2000Modeling and control of micropositioning systems using stewart platformsLin, L.C.; Tsay, M.U.-
2006New lanostanes and naphthoquinones isolated from Antrodia salmonea and their antioxidative burst activity in human leukocytesShen, C.C.; Shen, Y.C.; Wang, Y.H.; Lin, L.C.; Don, M.J.; Liou, K.T.; Wang, W.Y.; Hou, Y.C.; Chang, T.T.-
2003The new storage technology: effect of far infrared ray (FIR) ceramic sheet package on storage quality of pork loinLin, L.C.; 林亮全-
2011Pardaxin-induced apoptosis enhances antitumor activity in HeLa cellsHsu, J.C.; Lin, L.C.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Chen, J.Y.-
2011Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) plays a critical role in the development of TGF beta resistance of H460 cellLin, L.C.; Hsu, S.L.; Wu, C.L.; Liu, W.C.; Hsueh, C.M.-
2009Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor Gamma responsible for TGF beta-induced epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) and tumor invasion of NSCLC cells (H460)Lin, L.C.; Hsu, S.L.; Wu, C.L.; Liu, W.C.; Chiu, H.T.; Hsueh, C.M.-
2003Recurrent neuro-fuzzy modeling and fuzzy MDPP control for flexible servomechanismsLin, C.S.; Yang, T.C.; Jou, Y.C.; Lin, L.C.-
2003Stable adaptive fuzzy control with TSK fuzzy friction estimation for linear drive systemsLin, L.C.; Lai, J.C.-
2005Stable fuzzy control with adaptive rotor imbalance compensation for nonlinear magnetic bearing systemsHuang, S.J.; Lin, L.C.-
2005The study of antioxidant effects in melanins extracted from various tissues of animalsLin, L.C.; 林亮全; Chen, W.T.-
2008A study of in vivo antihypertensive properties of enzymatic hydrolysate from chicken leg bone proteinCheng, F.Y.; 林亮全; Wan, T.C.; Liu, Y.T.; Lai, K.M.; Lin, L.C.; Sakata, R.-
2009Study on bioactive compounds of in vitro cultured Calculus Suis and natural Calculus BovisWan, T.C.; 林亮全; Cheng, F.Y.; Liu, Y.T.; Lin, L.C.; Sakata, R.-
2012Using ITS2 PCR-RFLP to generate molecular markers for authentication of Sophora flavescens AitLin, T.C.; Yeh, M.S.; Cheng, Y.M.; Lin, L.C.; Sung, J.M.-
2010XIAP-mediated protection of H460 lung cancer cells against cisplatinCheng, Y.J.; Jiang, H.S.; Hsu, S.L.; Lin, L.C.; Wu, C.L.; Ghanta, V.K.; Hsueh, C.M.-