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2005Ornithine decarboxylase prevents methotrexate-induced apoptosis by reducing intracellular reactive oxygen species productionHuang, C.C.; 洪慧芝; Hsu, P.C.; Hung, Y.C.; Liao, Y.F.; Liu, C.C.; Hour, C.T.; Kao, M.C.; Tsay, G.J.; Hung, H.C.; Liu, G.Y.-
2006Overexpression of peptidylarginine deiminase IV features in apoptosis of haematopoietic cellsLiu, G.Y.; 洪慧芝; Liao, Y.F.; Chang, W.H.; Liu, C.C.; Hsieh, M.C.; Hsu, P.C.; Tsay, G.; Hung, H.C.-
2006Photodegradation treatment of azo dye wastewater by UV/TiO2 processLiu, C.C.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Lai, P.F.; Li, C.H.; Kao, C.L.-
2011Polycomb-Repressed Genes Have Permissive Enhancers that Initiate ReprogrammingTaberlay, P.C.; 劉俊吉; Kelly, T.K.; Liu, C.C.; You, J.S.; De Carvalho, D.D.; Miranda, T.B.; Zhou, X.J.; Liang, G.N.; Jones, P.A.-
2010Salinity-dependent expression of a Na+, K+, 2Cl(-) cotransporter in gills of the brackish medaka Oryzias dancena: A molecular correlate for hyposmoregulatory enduranceKang, C.K.; Tsai, H.J.; Liu, C.C.; Lee, T.H.; Hwang, P.P.-
2007Study on preparation and photocatalytic performance of Ag/TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 photocatalystsLi, C.H.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chiu, W.T.; Liu, C.C.; Kao, C.L.-
2008TiO2/Ti thin-film electrode manufacturing equipment and combined external circuit photoelectrical catalytic process for reducing silver ionsKao, C.L.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chang, M.Y.; Li, C.H.; Liu, C.C.-
2006Topology-based cancer classification and related pathway mining using microarray dataLiu, C.C.; 陳健尉; Chen, W.S.E.; Lin, C.C.; Liu, H.C.; Chen, H.Y.; Yang, P.C.; Chang, P.C.; Chen, J.J.W.; 劉俊吉-
1999The use of glucose to regulate pH values of culture media and increase the production of baculovirus (BmNPV) and foreign protein (HBsAg)Wang, S.L.; 王敏盈; Bentley, W.E.; Liu, C.C.; Wang, M.Y.-