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Jun-20101-MCP 對凱特芒果果實品質的影響黎氏嚴; Nghiem, Le Thi; 謝慶昌; Shies, Ching-Chang;  國立中興大學園藝系
Dec-2010D 型胺基酸氧化酵素基因(daao)作為甘藍之葉綠體基因轉殖的篩選標誌基因之研究朱宛茹; 楊明德; 曾夢蛟;  國立中興大學園藝系
Dec-2010Determination of chilling sensitivity of Mango(Mangifera indica L) leaves using chlorophyll fluorescence劉百合; Debrah Lily, C.Lao; 謝慶昌; 林慧玲; Shiesh, Ching-Chang; Lin, Huey-Ling;  國立中興大學園藝系
Dec-2009D型胺基酸氧化酵素基因(daao)作為甘藍之農桿菌基因轉殖法的篩選標誌基因之研究李易輯; 楊明德; 曾夢蛟;  國立中興大學園藝系
Sep-2011Effect of Calcium Concentration and Cultural Media on Growth and Flowering of PaphiopedilumPiyarat, Wathanasakun-ek; Lin, Ruey-Song;  國立中興大學園藝系
Dec-2011Effect of Ethylene Inhibitor on Cut Flower Quality of Phalaenopsis Taisuco Light ‘H 90-130’Sirigasorn, Nares; Lin, Ruey-Song;  國立中興大學園藝系
Sep-2007Effect of Leaf-to-Fruit Ratio on Fruit Quality of Oval Kumquat (Fortunella margarita Swingle);  國立中興大學園藝系-
Mar-2012Effect of Smoke-water on Seed Germination and Resistance to Rhizoctonia solani Inciting Papaya Damping-offChumpookam, Jenjira; H.L.Lin; C.C.Shiesh; K.L.Ku;  國立中興大學園藝系
Sep-2010Effects of GA3 and CPPU on Berry Size of Seedless GrapesNampila, Rampai; 藍碧蘭; Chen, Bing-Shiun; Chen, Ching-Cheng; Yang, Yau-Shiang; 陳秉訓; 陳京城; 楊耀祥;  國立中興大學園藝系
Mar-2012Effects of KClO3 and Girdling on Off-Season Flowering in Longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour)Suthon, Warin; C.L.Lee; Y.S.Yang;  國立中興大學園藝系
Dec-2012Fibrillin基因轉殖到扇形文心蘭(Erycina pusilla)之研究林吾睿; 張正; 陳福旗; 曾夢蛟;  國立中興大學園藝系
Mar-2011Indices for Chilling Tolerance of 'Irwin' Mango LeavesPraewphan Jomngam, H.L.Lin, C.C.Shiesh;  國立中興大學園藝系
Dec-2012Respiration, Ethylene and Color Changes during Ripening of 'TN-2' and 'Mex' Papaya (Carica papaya L.)Julius, Irvan Prawira; C.C.Shieh;  國立中興大學園藝系
Jun-2009Response of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) as Rootstock for Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)Poudel, Suraj Raj; Lee, Wen-Shann;  國立中興大學園藝系
Mar-2008Seed vigor tests for `Autumn King� cabbage seeds;  國立中興大學園藝系-
Dec-2007Studies on initial tip culture of Oval Kumquat (Fortunella margarita Swingle) in vitro;  國立中興大學園藝系-
Mar-2012Studies on RAPD Markers Associated with Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Pea (Pisum sativum L.)Thippachote, Kamon; Potapohu, Nuttha; M.K.Chi; M.J.Tseng;  國立中興大學園藝系-
Sep-2011Studies on Tree Pruning in Taichung City: Jian-Kang Park as an ExampleCheong, Pit-Ngan; Liu, Tung-Chi;  國立中興大學園藝系
Mar-2011三種劍葉文心蘭栽培種之雜交潛力和近交弱勢邱翊恬; 張正;  國立中興大學園藝系
Sep-2010三種採收時期對大蒜蒜球貯藏於室溫下之重量損失及發芽之影響拉浙旭; Rajesh Kumar, K.C.; 宋妤; Sung, Yu;  國立中興大學園藝系