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2003Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method for Detection of Aquatic Animal Pathogens on the List of "International Aquatic Animal Health Code"簡茂盛; 黃千衿; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2004Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method for Detection of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicemia簡茂盛; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2004Case Studies and Technical Consultation on International Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues Related to the WTO/SPS Agreement (III)劉正義; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2004The Development and Application of Diagnostic Technique of Swine Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis劉正義; 林正忠; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2003The Development and Efficacy of Pseudorbies gI(-) and Recombinant PAR Subunit Bivalent Vaccine劉正義; 簡茂盛; 李維誠; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2004The Development and Efficacy of Swine Pseudorabies gE-Deleted Inactivated and Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis Recombinant Subunit PMT Bivalent Vaccine簡茂盛; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2004The Development of Attenuated Live Bivalent Vaccine of Salmonella choleraesuis and S. typhimurium簡茂盛; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2007Development of Multi-Ingredients and Multifunctional Health Food Formulas Using Nano- and Micron- Technologies-Genotoxicity and Feeding Safety Evaluation廖俊旺; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2004The Effects of Classical Swine Fever Virus on Antigen Presentation and Immunoregulation of Swine Dendrtic Cells and the Cloning and Expression of DC-SIGN李維誠; 簡茂盛; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2003The Effects of Intracellular Killing Activity on Host Phagocytes during Salmonella Infection(III)簡茂盛; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2002The Efficacy and Commercialization of Recombinant Atrophic Rhinitis Subunit Vaccine簡茂盛; 劉正義; 李維誠; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2004Establish a Control Strategy against Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex through the Scrveillance of Pathogens and Serological Profiles李維誠; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2003Studies on the Immunobiology of Dendritic Cells and the Effects of Classical Swine Fever Virus on Antigen Presentation and Immunoregulation李維誠; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2005Studies on the Risk Factors and Control Strategies of Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex李維誠; 邱明堂; 鍾文彬; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2005The Study of Porcine Monocytic Phagocytes on the Pathogenesis of Interstitial Pneumonia after Acute Viral Infection李維誠; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2002以淋巴增殖反應檢測牛隻結核病之評估試驗李維誠; 劉正義; 簡茂盛; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2003以淋巴增殖反應檢測牛隻結核病之評估試驗 (II)李維誠; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所; 行政院農業委員會-
2003加強自衛防疫措施以控制呼吸道疾病綜合症效益之探討李維誠; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2002國際動植物防疫檢疫案例分析與技術諮詢劉正義; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所-
2003國際動植物防疫檢疫案例分析與技術諮詢 (II)劉正義; 中興大學獸醫病理研究所; 行政院農業委員會-