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2005Adhesion Measurement with Atomic Force Microscope in Liquid何孟書; Mon-Shu Ho; 吳致陞; Wu, Chih-Sheng-
2008Cantilever Effect in Various Environments: Investigation of MerP-Hg2+ System何孟書; 李清正; Li, Ching-Cheng; 中興大學-
23-Sep-2016Dilute manganese-doped ZnO nanowires for high photoelectrical performanceWei-Hao Chen; Chih-Chuan Su; Hui-Huang Hsieh; Meng-Fan Chang; Mon-Shu Ho; 何孟書-
2008Dynamical Behavior of Silver Atoms on the Si(111)-7x7 Surfaces羅榮立; 蘇維彬; 簡世森; 藍明德; 何孟書; 蘇志川; Su, Chih-Chuan; 中興大學-
2012Electronic and Magnetic Properties of C84 Embedded Si(111) Surfaces藍明德; 張嘉升; 蘇維彬; 蘇萬生; 何孟書; 邱凡芸; Chiu, Fan-Yun; 中興大學-
2008Fabrication of Biological Nano-Scaffolds何孟書; 國立中興大學物理系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
10-May-2016Hybrid 3D structures of ZnO nanoflowers and PdO nanoparticles as a highly selective methanol sensorAcharyya, D; Huang, K Y; Chattopadhyay, P P; Ho, M S; Fecht, H-J; Bhattacharyya, P; 何孟書
2015Image Recognition of Surface Defects何孟書; Mon-Shu Ho; Yong-Hong-Chen; 陳永宏; 物理學系所
2010Investigation of Fullerene Embedded Silicon Surfaces with Scanning Probe MicroscopyHuang, C.P.; 何孟書; Hsu, C.F.; Ho, M.S.-
2015Investigation of the graphene flakes expanded by graphite intercalation compounds何孟書; Mon-Shu Ho; Ruei-Fong Jhang; 張瑞峯 物理學系所
2014A molecular dynamics study of mechanical properties of Silicene何孟書; Yung-Ting Lin; 林勇廷; 物理學系所
2011Nano-mechanical measurements of human erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets with atomic force microscopy莊敦堯; Duen-Yau Chuang; 蘇維彬; Wei-Bin Su; Mon-Shu Ho; 何孟書; Chiang, Chun-Ting; 江俊霆; 中興大學-
2010Nanomeasurements of electronic and mechanical properties of fullerene embedded Si(111) surfacesHuang, C.P.; 何孟書; Su, C.C.; Su, W.S.; Hsu, C.F.; Ho, M.S.-
2010Nanomeasurements of red blood cells in microfluidic systems莊敦堯; Duen-yau Chuang; 羅榮立; 蘇維彬; Rong-Li Lo; Wei-Bin Su; Mon-Shu Ho; 何孟書; 陳崇仁; Chen, Chung-Jen; 中興大學-
2014Nanoscale Measurements of Human Erythrocytes with Atomic Force Microscopy何孟書; Mon-Shu Ho; Feng-Chia Kuo; 郭豐嘉; 物理學系所
2014Optical-electric and magnetic properties of C84 molecules embedded in Si(111) substrate何孟書; Mon-Sue Ho; Jian-Hua Wu; 伍建華; 物理學系所
2014Optoelectronic Characteristics Of ZnO/TiO2 thin films on ITO Substrate by RF Magnetron Sputtering何孟書; Mon-Shu Ho; Chung-Hsun Wu; 吳忠訓; 物理學系所
2005Patterned Fabrication of Single ZnO Nanorods and Their Optoelectronical Measurements何孟書; Mon-Shu Ho; yu, Chun-Wei; 游駿偉-
2015Platinum Formation on Si(111)-7x7 Surface何孟書; Po-Chun,Kuo; 郭博駿; 物理學系所
28-Sep-2016Probing C84-embedded Si Substrate Using Scanning Probe Microscopy and Molecular DynamicsHo, Mon-Shu; Huang, Chih-Pong; Tsai, Jyun-Hwei; Chou, Che-Fu; Lee, Wen-Jay; 何孟書-