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2005Business-to-business integration - the mediating effects of network structure and network atmosphereWang, Y.C.W.; 何建達; Heng, M.S.H.; Ho, C.T.B.-
2010The effect of reducing risk and improving personal motivation on the adoption of knowledge repository systemTsai, C.H.; 何建達; Zhu, D.S.; Ho, B.C.T.; Wu, D.D.-
2009An empirical study of the use of e-security seals in e-commerce何建達; Ho, B.C.T.; Oh, K.B.-
5-May-2018Exploring the influence of mobile technology usage in the back-end process of mobile commerce: a perspective of combining uses and gratifications with information attractiveness何建達; Chien-Ta Bruce Ho; Jhong-Min Denis Yang-
2015Exploring the Relationship between Job Characteristics, Five Senses Horoscopes to Job Satisfaction何建達; 程文信; Wen-Hsin Cheng; 科技管理研究所
2015Factors of Influencing the Adoption of Mobile Commerce in Taiwan何建達; Chien-Ta Bruce Ho; 李婷鈺; Ting-Yu Li; 科技管理研究所
2012The Influence of Brand Community Integration and Web Quality on Brand Loyalty in Virtual Brand Communities陳澤義; Tser-Yieth Chen; 祝道松; Dauw-Song Zhu; Chien-Ta Ho; 何建達; 高若庭; Kao, Jo-Ting; 中興大學-
2009Knowledge sharing: game and reasoned action perspectivesHo, C.T.B.; 何建達; Hsu, S.F.; Oh, K.B.-
2006Measuring bank operations performance: an approach based on Grey Relation AnalysisHo, C.T.; 何建達-
2008Measuring online stockbroking performanceHo, C.T.B.; 何建達; Oh, K.B.-
2012Measuring Performance and Risk of Automotive Industry in Czech Republic陳澤義; Tser-Yieth Chen; 祝道松; Dauw-Song Zhu; Chien-Ta Ho; 何建達; 史雅柏; Selucky, Jakub; 中興大學-
2011Measuring Performance and Risk of Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan李宗儒; Tsung-Ju Lee; 祝道松; Tao-Sung Chu; Chien-Ta Ho; 何建達; 葉哲君; Yeh, Che-Chun; 中興大學-
2010Measuring production and marketing efficiency using grey relation analysis and data envelopment analysis何建達; Wang, R.T.; Ho, C.T.B.; Oh, K.-
2009Online banking performance evaluation using data envelopment analysis and principal component analysisHo, C.T.B.; 何建達; Wu, D.D.-
2006Organizational factors to the effectiveness of implementing information security managementChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Ho, C.B.; 何建達-
2014Performance Evaluation of Data Envelopment Analysis and Balanced Scorecard: Taiwan Medical Equipment Industry As An Example.何建達; Chien-Ta HO; 葉彥為; Yen-Wei Yeh; 科技管理研究所
2010Selecting Internet company stocks using a combined DEA and AHP approachHo, C.T.B.; 何建達; Oh, K.B.-
2010Special Issue (Vol 40 Issue 2): Innovative Production Machines and SystemsKoh, S.C.L.; 何建達; Ho, B.; Sohal, A.-
2014The Study of Cosmetic Product Purchase Intention for Virtual Community Members: An Application of the UTAUT Model何建達; Chien-Ta Ho; 陳瑋婷; Wei-Ting Chen; 科技管理研究所