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Nov-1966Analysis and discussion for jiscous flow through cylindrical pipes of a regular polygonal cross Section with a central circular hole and an annulus國立中興大學生命科學系
May-1967Analysis and Discussion on Stability of Flow in Open Channels for Various Shapes of Cross Section國立中興大學生命科學系
1995Design on the analysis for automatic detention hydraulic facility何智武; He, Zhi Wu; Lin, Jia Hong; 林家弘-
Sep-1999Estimating the Manning's Roughness Coefficients of Steep Channels in Taiwan何智武; Kung-Yang Yu; 游功揚; Chih-Wu Ho-
Jan-1978Experiment and Analysis on Gully Control and Drainage Methods in Taiwan 1.Experiments and Analysis on Gully Control Measures劉正川; 何智武; 段錦浩-
Apr-1978Experiment and Analysis on Gully Control and Drainage Methods in Taiwan 2. Experiment and Analysis on Drainage MethodsJeng-Chuan Liou; 段錦浩; Chih-Wu Ho; Ching-Hao Tuan; 劉正川; 何智武-
Aug-1968Mathematical Analysis on Some Special Topics in a Creeping FlowChih-Wu Ho; 何智武
1995Monitoring System of Hydrological Environment in Sloping Areas of Taipei City蘇曲彬; 何智武; 中興大學土木工程學系; 台北巿政府-
Apr-1980Studies on The Estimation of Sediment Transport for Ta-Chia Stream: An Investigation on Sediment Properties and Bed Load Estimation for Chi-Chia Wan and Sheh-Shan Streams of Ta-Chia Up-Stream林金炳; Jing-Bing Lin; 何智武; Chih-Wu Ho-
Aug-1993A Study on Runoff Characteristics and Sediment Transport of Slopeland Urbanization ( I ):Hydrological Observation and Data Analysis林致遠; Chih-Yuan Lin; 何智武; 蘇苗彬; Chih-Wu Ho; Maiu-Bin Su
1984Study on the influence of slopeland development on the hydrological variation何智武; Duan, Jin-Hao; 段錦浩; Zeng, Ren-Hong; 曾仁宏-
1994A Study on Watershed Sediment Transport and Stream Morphology Based on Morphometric Analysis呂建華; 何智武; 中興大學土木工程學系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2002中小型水庫集水區治理成效及土砂整治率評估計畫陳樹群; 何智武; 中興大學水土保持學系-
2001中小型水庫集水區治理規劃及成效評估研究何智武; 王文江; 陳樹群; 中興大學水土保持學系-
1998中小集水區水土資源保育計畫效益評估游繁結; 何智武; 楊垣進; 林俐玲; 中興大學水土保持學系-
1986中橫公路80.5邊坡破壞之安定性探討何智武; CAI, GUANG-RONG; 蔡光榮; 陳旺志; CHEN, WANG-ZHI-
1994伽溪集水區等系統規劃及監測何智武; 盧昭堯; 林金炳; 中興大學水土保持學研究所-
1997伽溪集水區等系統規劃與監測(IV)何智武; 中興大學水土保持學系-
1996伽溪集水區系統規劃與監測(II)何智武; 盧昭堯; 中興大學水土保持學系-
1995伽溪集水區系統規劃與監測(II)何智武; 盧昭堯; 林金炳; 中興大學-