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Sep-2016Assessment of Flood and Sediment Disaster Potential Area on Datu TerraceChao-yuan Lin; Hsueh-fen Tseng; Kuei-Lin Fu; 林昭遠; 曾雪芬; 傅桂霖
Sep-2014Discussion of Landslide Monitoring and Analysis for Mudstone AreaGui-Lin Fu; Jui-Peng Wu; Shiang-Ching Huang; 傅桂霖; 吳瑞鵬; 黃祥慶
Oct-2017Elevation Variation Study in a Watershed Using Historical Topographic MapsMing-Te Sun; Kuei-Lin Fu; Kun-Che Chan; Yu-Wen Su; 孫明德; 傅桂霖; 詹坤哲; 蘇郁文
Jun-2013Investigation and Analysis of Disasters in Central and Southern Taiwan due to Typhoon Morakot in 2009Chen, Chong-Wun; Fu, Kui-Lin; Lin, Li-Lin; 陳聰文; 傅桂霖; 林俐玲
Jun-2013Mechanism of headwater landslides in Alisan creek watershedLin Chao-Yuan; Jhang Sin-Wei; Fu Gui-Lin; 林昭遠; 張鑫崴; 傅桂霖
Jun-2017Priority selection of water conservation sites in Linkou TerraceChih-Hsiang Yang; Kuei-Lin Fu; Chao-Yuan Lin; 楊至翔; 傅桂霖; 林昭遠
Sep-2004土石流潛勢溪流地區民眾對土石流防災認知之研究─以南投縣中寮鄉和興村為例Chao Ming Chuang; 卓富虹; Fu-Hung Tso; Kuei-Lin Fu; Shu-Chu Chen; 傅桂霖; 莊照明; 陳素珠
2001地籍圖掃瞄數化位置精度評估之研究蔡榮得; Victor J.D.Tsai; 傅桂霖; fu, kuei lin-
Sep-2004網格平均坡度萃取方法應用於山坡地解編之研究陳璁慶; Tsung-Chin Chen; 傅桂霖; 張哲銘; Kuei-Lin Fu; Jer-Ming Chang
Sep-2004衛星影像紋理分析再山坡地變異點偵測之應用傅桂霖; Kuei-Lin Fu; 陳璁慶; 陳素珠; Ching-Tsung Chen; Su-Chu Chen
2004衛星影像紋理分析在山坡地監測管理之應用Lin Chao-Yuan; 林昭遠; 傅桂霖-
2017集水區最適分區劃定及崩塌風險推估之研究林昭遠; Kuei-Lin Fu; 傅桂霖; 水土保持學系所