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1998Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy on the Major Components Analysis of Soy SauceAndi Shau-mei Ou; 區少梅; Ho, Wei-Chang; 何維彰-
1996Comparison of key compounds for the characteristics of packaged pouchung and oolong tea drinks區少梅; Qu, Shao Mei; 田美純; Tian, Mei Chun-
1997Comparison of using polydextrose and high fructose syrup as a soaking solution in producing vacuum-fried green beans區少梅; Andi Shau-mei Ou; 鍾美蘊; Chung, Mei-yunn-
2001Comparisons of Major Chemical Components and Quality Characteristics between Organic Tea and Non-Organic Tea during Tea-Making and Storage區少梅; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學食品科學系-
1988Determination of blanching condition and investigation of lipoxygenase isozymes during growth of vegetable soybeansQu, Shao-Mei; 區少梅; Xu, Xiang-Chun; 許祥純-
1996Effect of oxygen barrier of plastic containers on the quality of grape jelly and ready-to-eat beef區少梅; Qu, Shao Mei; 陳健賢; Chen, Jian Xian-
1989Effects of packaging and benzoic acid on the quality of crisp mei區少梅; OU, SHAO-MEI; ZENG, DAO-YI; 曾道一-
1994Effects of precooling, fresh storage conditions and modified atmosphere packaging on the quality of vegetable soybeans區少梅; Qu, Shao Mei; 郭子壽; Guo, Zi Shou-
2000Evaluation of Gustatory Sensitivity in Healthy Elderly People and Elderly People with Essential Hypertension or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus區少梅; Andi Shau-mei Ou; 張毓芬; Chang, Yu-Feng-
2005Investigating the Sensory Characteristics of Taiwan Special Tea by Sensory Evaluation and Instrumental Analyses Using Electronic Nose and Tongue區少梅; Andi Shau-mei Ou; Liao, Juo-Chi; 廖若琦-
1990Investigation of Off-Flavor Components in Pauchong Tea and Their Affecting Factors during StorageQu, Shao-Mei; 區少梅; Zhang, Rui-Zhu; 張瑞珠-
1991The quality analysis of Taiwan ponkan and liucheng during harvest and storage periods區少梅; QU,SHAO-MEI; CHEN, SHU-LI; 陳淑莉-
1989The relationship between nonvolatile components and the infusion taste and color of paochung tea區少梅; OU, SHAO-MEI; 蔡永生; CAI, YONG-SHENG-
2008Screening of Fermentor Yeasts for Sugarcane Wine Making and the Optimization of the Wine Manufacturing Process區少梅; Andi Shau-Mei Ou; 曾道一; Tzeng, Daw-I; 中興大學-
2000Studies on Determination Methods for the Texture of Spinach and Snap BeanAndi Shau-mei Ou,Ph.D.; 區少梅; 紀小婷-
2003Studies on Manufacturing Lactic-acid-fermented Fruit & Vegetable Mixed Juice and Changes in its Constituents and Quality during Storage區少梅; Andi Shau-mei Ou, Ph. D.; 唐靜宜; Tang, Jing-Yi-
2000Studies on Rapid Sensory Analysis of Taiwan Local Teas區少梅; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學食品科學系-
Dec-1998Studies on the Changes in Composition of Taiwan Kiwifruit during Fruit Development周慧娜; Hui-Na Chou; 區少梅; 倪正柱; Andi Shau-mei Ou; Cheng-Chu Nee
1995Studies on the color deterioration of roselle during postharvest handling, drying and storageQu, Shao Mei; 區少梅; Cai, Bi Ren; 蔡碧仁-
2005Studies on the Physicochemical Components and Sensory Quality of Cold-water Steeped Tea區少梅; Shau-mei Ou; Mou, Yu-Ju; 牟玉如-