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2005(Advanced Materials,17(3):301-304)Self-Assembled Nanofibers from Random Silicate PlateletsJiang-Jen Lin; Chien-Chia Chu; Chih-Cheng Chou; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2006(Advanced Materials,18(24):3248-3252)Manipulating the Assemblies of High-Aspect-Ratio Clays and Fatty Amine Salts to Form Surfaces Exhibiting a Lotus EffectJiang-Jen Lin; Chien-Chia Chu; Min-Li Chiang; Wei-Cheng Tsai; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2010Amphiphilic Poly(Oxyalkylene)-Amines Interacting with Layered Clays: Intercalation, Exfoliation, and New Applications.Jiang-Jen Lin; Yin-Nan Chan; Wen-Hsin Chang; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
2008(Appl. Phys. Lett., 93(11):111907)Improved thermal management of GaN/sapphire light-emitting diodes embedded in reflective heat spreaders武東星; D. S. Wuu; R. H. Horng; C. C. Chiang; H. Y. Hsiao; X. Zheng; D. S. Wuu; H. I. Lin; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
2007(Appl.Phys.Lett.,90:032904-032906)Epitaxial growth of BaTiO3 films on TiN/Si substrates by a hydrothermal-galvanic couple methodY.C.Chieh; C.C.Yu; F.H.Lu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
2009(Biomaterials,30(30):5979-5987)The disruption of bacterial membrane integrity through ROS generation induced by nanohybrids of silver and clayHong-Lin Su; Chih-Cheng Chou; Da-Jen Hung; Siou-Hong Lin; I-Chuan Pao; Jun-Hong Lin; Fang-Liang Huang; Rui-Xuan Dong; Jiang-Jen Lin; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2007(Bull.Chinese Ceram.Soc.,26(4):032-036)Synthesis and applications of nanoporous anodic aluminum oxideC.J.Wu; W.C.Hsu; C.T.Wang; K.C.Lin; C.H.Huang; F.H.Lu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2007(Bull.Chinese Ceram.Soc.26(4):008-015)Prepation of functional oxide films by a novel hydrothermal-galvanic couple methodY.C.Chieh; P.H.Chan; H.P.Teng; C.C.Yu; F.H.Lu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2007(Carbon, 45(14):2823-2827)Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in low PH aqueous solutions by means of alumina-coated silica nanoparticlesY.-C. Tsai; C.-C. Chiu; M.-C. Tsai; J.-Y. Wu; T.-F. Tseng; T.-M. Wu; S.-F. Hsu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
1991(Ceramic Transactions,24:185-192)Non-stoichiometry and Cation Tracer Diffusion in Cobalt-Iron-Manganese Oxide SpinelsF.H.Lu; R.Dieckmann; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2009(Ceramics International.,35(7):2699-2704)The growth of interfacial compounds between titanium dioxide and bismuth oxideC.D.Lu; L.S.Chang; Y.F.Lu; F.H.Lu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2009(Chemistry of Materials,21(17):4071-4079)Thermoresponsive Dual-Phase Transition and 3D Self-Assembly of Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Tethered to Silicate PlateletsYu-Min Chen; Hsiao-Chu Lin; Ru-Siou Hsu; Bi-Zen Hsieh; Yu-An Su; Yu-Jane Sheng; Jiang-Jen Lin; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2008(Composites Science and Technology, 68(10-11):2254-2259 )Preparation and characterization of conductive carbon nanotube-polystyrene nanocomposites using latex technologyT.-M. Wu; E.-C. Chen; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
1999(Computational Materials Science,14:048-055)Monte Carlo Simulation on the Cation Diffusion via Vacancies in Simple SpinelsF.H.Lu; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2008(Electrochem. Solid-State Lett., 11(1):J004-J007)Fabrication of amorphous Si thin-film transistors on an engineered parylene template using a direct separation process武東星; D. S. Wuu; C. C. Chiang; D. S. Wuu; Y. P. Chen; T. H. Jaw; R. H. Horng; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
2009(J. Mater. Chem.,19:2184-2188)Synthesis of Immobilized Silver Nanoparticles on Ionic Silicate Clay and Observed Low-Temperature MeltingRui-Xuan Dong; Chih-Cheng Chou; Jiang-Jen Lin; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
2008(J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol., 08(8):3851-3856)Characteristics of ZnO Nanowall Structures Grown on GaN Template Using Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition武東星; D. S. Wuu; C. C. Wu; D. S. Wuu; T. N. Chen; T. E. Yu; P. R. Lin; R. H. Horng; S. Sun; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
2009(J. Phys. Chem. B.,113(18):6240-6245)Hierarchical Rearrangement of Self-Assembled Molecular Bundle Strands from Poly(oxyethylene)-Segmented AmidoacidsWei-Cheng Tsai; Jiang-Jen Lin; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-
1994(J.Appl.Phys.,75(2):819-826)Monte Carlo Simulation of Cation Transport via Vacancies in Spinel Solid Solutions:One Type of Cation Exchange PrevailsF.H.Lu; P.Franke; C.S.Nichols; R.Dieckmann; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系
1994(J.Appl.Phys.,76(2):848-857)Monte Carlo Simulation of Cation Diffusion via Vacancies in Quasibinary Spinel Solid Solutions Involving Multiple Types of Cation-Vacancy ExchangesF.H.Lu; P.Franke; C.S.Nichols; R.Dieckmann; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系-