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2017Application of Clay-modified Electrodes on Electroanalysis of Tea Soups and Investigation of Layer Charge陳鴻基; Yu-Ju Liu; 劉育如; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Assessing the source descriptions of bottled deep-sea drinking waters by chemical and isotopic approachesTsung-Ren Peng; 彭宗仁; Wen-Jui Liang; 梁文睿; 土壤環境科學系所
2015The changes of properties and earthworm growth in vermicomposting process with different organic wastesJen-Hshuan Chen; 陳仁炫; Ming-Chieh Lin; 林旻頡; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Characteristics of Azotobacter species isolated from rice rhizosphere soils of organic and conventional farmings in Taiwan黃裕銘; Meng-Ke Tsai; 蔡孟珂; 土壤環境科學系所
2017Characteristics of Pseudomonas guguanensis sp. nov. and its electrochemical activity楊秋忠; You-Cheng Liu; 劉祐誠; 土壤環境科學系所
2013Characterization of novel pigmented-bacteria and mutagenic impact of ethyl methanesulfonate on polyphasic taxonomic markersChiu-Chung Young; 楊秋忠; Mariyam Shahina; 瑪 麗 央; 土壤環境科學系所
2014Chlorpyrifos Sorption in Tea Tree Soils and Photo-Degradation on Tea Leaves鄒裕民; Ting-Yun Yang; 楊婷勻; 土壤環境科學系所
2017Detecting Soil Organic Matter Content through Reflectance Spectra申雍; Yi-Hao Dai; 戴逸豪; 土壤環境科學系所
2014Dissolution of Phpsphate-adsorbed Geothite by Desferrioxamine BJang-Hung Huang; 黃政恆; Priscila Ung; 吳思聯; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Distributions of heavy metals in the arable soils as functions of spectroscopic speciation and soil particle size fractionsYu-Min Tzou; 鄒裕民; Liang-Ching Hsu; 許良境; 土壤環境科學系所
2014Diversity, physiological, biochemical and plant growth promoting characteristics of facultative oligotrophs沈佛亭; Yi-Ying Kao; 高薏盈; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Dynamics of microbial community structure during composting and vermicomposting of the mixture of pig manure and mushroom waste陳仁炫; Chun-Jen Chen; 陳俊仁; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Effect of different carriers and formulations on survival rate of rhizobiaChiu-Chung Young; 楊秋忠; Hsin-Yu Lin; 林欣余; 土壤環境科學系所
2017Effect of the household processing on chlorpyrifos removal from Brassica rapa chinensis鄒裕民; Yu-Min Tzou; Ching-Han Tsai; 蔡青翰; 土壤環境科學系所
2017The effect of various combinations of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the growth of lettuces (Lactuca sativa L.) grown in hydroponic system黃裕銘; Yuh-Ming Huang; Ting-Chu Wei; 魏庭竹; 土壤環境科學系所
2017Effectiveness of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Inoculation on Minimizing Chemical Fertilizer Application Rates of Maize (Zea mays L.)楊秋忠; Chiu-Chung Young; Chin-Sheng Ng; 黃振盛; 土壤環境科學系所
2017Effects of application of silicon, Fenton's reagent and beneficial microbes on bacterial spot of tomato黃政華; Cheng-Hua Huang; Yi-Chun Chien; 簡宜君; 土壤環境科學系所
2014Effects of application of two-in-one and three-in-one biofertilizer on the growth of rice and common bean and soil fertility陳仁炫; Ping-Yan Wu; 吳秉諺; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Effects of Applying Palygorskite and Microbes on the Growth of Vegetables陳鴻基; Bi-Yu Wu; 吳璧羽; 土壤環境科學系所
2018Effects of C/Fe ratios, pH, and Al on the Structures of Dissolved Organic Matter-Fe Hydroxides Co-precipitates and Cr(VI) Transformations鄒裕民; Yu-Min Tzou; Kai-Yue Chen; 陳楷岳; 土壤環境科學系所