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2015The Aesthetics of Border Crossing: Translation of Yung Liu''s Love, the Most Beautiful PainShu-Chuan Chou; 周淑娟; Ping Ho; 何屏; 外國語文學系所
2014Contrapuntal Otherworldliness in Vladimir Nabokov''s Lolita, Speak, Memory and Pale FireRonald Shane Judy; 周廷戎; Pin-Han Chen; 陳品含; 外國語文學系所
2014Discovering the Gothic Body in Huang Li-Chyun's The Room by the SeaRonald Shane Judy; 周廷戎; Chia-Huan Wu; 吳佳桓; 外國語文學系所
2013Divine Providence and the Politics of Slavery in Uncle Tom's Cabin貝格泰; Wan-Ting Sung; 宋宛庭; 外國語文學系所
2015The Function of Art in Kazuo Ishiguro's An Artist of the Floating World, Never Let Me Go and NocturnesChu-chueh Cheng; 鄭朱雀; Ang-Wei Lu; 呂昂衛; 外國語文學系所
2015The Historical Trauma and Abject Body: Subject Identity in John Okada''s No No BoyShu-ching Chen; 陳淑卿; Wei-Ting Huang; 黃瑋婷; 外國語文學系所
2015The Human and Technology: Power, Life, and Cyborg in Dan Simmons''s HyperionJiann-Guang Lin; 林建光; Chih-Wei Lin; 林志偉; 外國語文學系所
2015Ocean, Ethnicity, and Spatial Mobility: Reading Life of Pi as a 21st-Century BildungsromanFiona Feng-Hsin Liu; 劉鳳芯; Yu-Sheng Hsiao; 蕭有盛; 外國語文學系所
2014On the Impossibility in Children's Fiction: Or the Possibility of Benjaminian RedemptionRonald Shane Judy; 周廷戎; Shu-Chuan Lin; 林書全; 外國語文學系所
2015Postmodernist Decentralization and Immigrant Identity: On Gary Shteyngart''s FictionRonald Shane Judy; 周廷戎; Ching-Chun Tang; 唐敬鈞; 外國語文學系所
2014The Question of Humanity in Duncan Jones's Moon and Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me GoHannes Bergthaller; 貝格泰; Kai-Chieh Hsu; 許凱傑; 外國語文學系所
2015The Remains of Peter Pan: Neverland, the Child Image, and Crossover Writing in Geraldine McCaughrean's Peter Pan in ScarletFeng-Hsin Liu; 劉鳳芯; Shu-Mei Peng; 彭琡媄; 外國語文學系所
2015Stevenson's Pacific Journey—Narrating Fantasy and Imperialism in Island Nights' EntertainmentsChia-li Kao; 高嘉勵; Chieh-Ying Kao; 高潔盈; 外國語文學系所
2015Subversiveness in Beatrix Potter's Picture Books: Mischievous Children, Rebellious Women, and Atypical TalesFeng-Hsin Liu; 劉鳳芯; Hsin-Chun Huang; 黃歆淳; 外國語文學系所
2015Transgressive Fictions: Body, Self, and Power in Chuck Palahniuk's Choke and Invisible MonstersRonald Shane Judy; 周廷戎; Chen-Chi Chiu; 邱貞綺; 外國語文學系所
2015Transnational Homecoming: Global Capitalism and Diasporic Identity in Lawrence Chua's Gold by the InchShu-ching Chen; 陳淑卿; Brian Hartanto; 戴銘夆; 外國語文學系所
2014Visions of Animism: Anime, Environment,CyborgsRonald S. Judy; 周廷戎; Tsai-Di Hung; 洪彩荻; 外國語文學系所
2014Yann Martel's Life of Pi as a Bildungsroman: A Journey Towards Ecological Consciousness陳淑卿; Sheng-Hong Huang; 黃聖宏; 外國語文學系所
2018三本小說中物種的糾葛:屈辱(柯慈),少年Pi的奇幻漂流(馬泰爾),獵人們(朱天心)貝格泰; Hannes Bergthaller; 薛芳明; Fang-Ming Hsueh; 外國語文學系所
2012不願殘喘:麥可˙翁達傑《菩薩凝視的島嶼》中的暴力與人性陳淑卿; Shu-ching Chen; 陳品蓉; Chen, Pin-jung; 外國語文學系所