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Nov-20051/f noise of GaN nanowires孫允武; Yun-wu sun; L. C. Li; K. H. Huang; Y. W. Suen; T. C. Yeh; W. W. Chen; M. W. Lee; C. C. Chen; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所-
1999A+Light-Induced+Tunneling+State+In+a+Submicron+Double+Barrier+Tunneling+Diode+With+a+Center-Doped+WellYun-wu+sun; 孫允武; Y.W. Suen; C.C. Young; C.J. Chang; J.C. Wu; S.Y. Wang; C.P. Lee; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所-
2006Acoustoelectric effect of a quantum ring in magnetic fieldsY.W. Suen; 孫允武; 莊武軒; W.H.Chuang-
2010Analysis and Simulation on Electrical Properties of Thin Film Transistors Under Mechanical Strain孫允武; 黃家健; 李敏鴻; 林中一; 吳易駿; Wu, Yi-Chun; 中興大學-
1990(Applied Physics Letters, 57:2130-2132)Novel superlattice in a selectively-doped wide parabolic well with a modulated potential孫允武; Yun-wu sun; J. Jo; M.B. Santos; M. Shayegan; Y.W. Suen; L.W. Engel; A-M. Lanzillotto; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
1993(Applied Physics Letters, 62:3120-3122)High-quality two-dimensional electron system confined in an AlAs quantum well孫允武; Yun-wu sun; T.S. Lay; J.J. Heremans; Y.W. Suen; M.B. Santos; K. Hirakawa; M. Shayegan; A. Zrenner; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
2002(Applied Physics Letters, 81:3007-3009)Self-assembled GaAs antiwires in In0.53Ga0.47As matrix on (100) InP substrates孫允武; Yun-wu sun; S. D. Lin; C. P. Lee; W. H. Hsieh; Y. W. Suen; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
2004(Applied Physics Letters, 85:4196-4198)High-sensitivity microwave vector detection at extremely low-power levels for low-dimensional electron systems孫允武; Yun-wu sun; W. H. Hsieh; Y. W. Suen; S. Y. Chang; L. C. Li; C. H. Kuan; B. C. Lee; C. P. Lee; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
2004(Applied Physics Letters, 85:6107-6109)The evolution of electroluminescence in Ge quantum-dot diodes with the fold number孫允武; Yun-wu sun; Y. H. Peng; Chih-Hsiung Hsu; C. H. Kuan; C. W. Liu; P. S. Chen; M.-J. Tsai; Y. W. Suen; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
2007(Applied Physics Letters, 90:223117.1-223117.3)Contact to ZnO and intrinsic resistances of individual ZnO nanowires with a circular cross section孫允武; Yun-wu sun; Y. F. Lin; W. B Jian; C. P. Wang; Y. W. Suen; Z. Y. Wu; F. R. Chen; J. J. Kai; J. J. Lin; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
2011The Characterization and Fabrication of Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Resonators孫允武; 吳憲昌; 郭華丞; 簡維成; Chien, Wei-Cheng; 中興大學-
1996Correlated bilayer electron states孫允武; Yun-wu sun; M. Shayegan; H.C. Manoharan; Y.W. Suen; T.S. Lay; M.B. Santos; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
Jun-2007Correlated Electric Fluctuations in GaN Nanowire Device孫允武; Yun-wu sun; L. C. Li; S. Y. Huang; J. A. Wei; Y. W. Suen; M. W. Lee; W. H. Hsieh; T. W. Liu; C. C. Chen; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所-
1995Correlated Insulating states of an Interacting Bilayer Electron System孫允武; Yun-wu sun; H.C. Manoharan; Y.W. Suen; M.B. Santo; M. Shayegan; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所
1994Correlated states and finite temperature quantum Hall transitions in bilayer electron systems孫允武; Yun-wu sun; T. S. Lay; Y. W. Suen; H. C. Maroharon; X. Ying; M. B. Santos; M. Shayegan; 國立中興大學奈米科學研究所-
2012Design and Construction of a Confocal Microscope for Low-Temperature and High-Magnetic-Field Applications吳仲卿; 洪連輝; 鄭建宗; 孫允武; 郭鴻榮; Kuo, Hong-Rong; 中興大學-
2011Design and Simulation of the Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Measurement System with Planar Gradiometers洪連輝; 吳秋賢; 吳仲卿; 孫允武; 鄭培煜; Cheng, Pei-Yu; 中興大學-
2011Design and Test the Measurement System by Planar Gradiometers and Superconducting Quantum Interference Device吳仲卿; C. H. Wu; 洪連輝; 吳秋賢; 孫允武; Y. W. Suen; 李國誌; Li, Kuo-Chih; 中興大學-
2004Dynamic properties of quantum-wire array in magnetic field孫允武; 張紓語-
2006The Edge Coupling Effect on the Edge Magneto PLasma of two-dimensional electron island arrays孫允武; Y.W.Suen; 李明儒; M.R.Li-