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Sep-2008Analyses of the Huntsaiping Landslide Induced by the Chichi Earthquake張光宗; Kuang-Tsung Chang; 賴丞昶; 林德貴; Cheng-Chang Lai; Der-Guey Lin
2014Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility along the Route No.21Kuang-Tsung Chang; 張光宗; 趙逸幃; Yi-Wei Chao; 水土保持學系所
2014The Analysis of Landslide Using Digital Photogrammetry and Numerical MethodsKuang-Tsung Chang; 張光宗; 林峻德; Chun-Te Lin; 水土保持學系所
2011Application of Time Domain Reflectometry to Quantify Values of TDR Coaxial Cable Waveform洪耀明; 張光宗; 蘇苗彬; Lin, Yu-Shu; 林育樞; 中興大學-
Mar-2015The Assessment of Landslide Displacements Using Digital Photogrammetry林峻德; 張光宗; 蘇苗彬; Chun-Te Lin; Kuang-Tsung Chang
2010Development of a spatial decision support system for monitoring earthquake-induced landslides based on aerial photographs and the finite element methodChang, K.T.; 張光宗; Wan, S.A.; Lei, T.C.-
2010Evaluation of the Stiffness and Volumetric Behaviors of Medium Dense Sand under Principal Stress RotationsChang, K.T.; 張光宗; Ge, L.; Sture, S.-
2006Microplane modeling of sand behavior under non-proportional loadingChang, K.T.; 張光宗; Sture, S.-
2009Numerical simulations of flow motion and deposition characteristics of granular debris flowsLin, D.G.; 張光宗; Hsu, S.Y.; Chang, K.T.-
Sep-2017Rock Slope Stability Considering Orientations of Weak PlanesKuang-Tsung Chang; Yi-Ling Lin; Po-Tsun Yeh; 張光宗; 林怡綾; 葉柏村
Sep-2017Soil Behavior under cyclic changes of pore water pressureKuang-Tsung Chang; Ruei-Kai Liao; 張光宗; 廖睿凱
Dec-2013A study on slope failure susceptibility along the mountain route in the catchment of Chenyulan CreekKuang-Tsung Chang; Ping - Jui Weng; Chao-Yuan Lin; Ming-Der Yang; 張光宗; 翁秉瑞; 林昭遠; 楊明德
2014Study on The Mechanical Behavior of Gravel Formations Using Numerical Methods張光宗; 陳宥序; 鄭敏杰; Kuang-Tsung Chang; You-Hsu Chen; Min-Chieh Cheng
2015A Study on the Mechanical Properties and Slope Stability of Gravel Deposits Using the Discrete Element Method張光宗; 吳振偉; Chen-Wei Wu; 水土保持學系所
Sep-2013Three Dimensional Analyses on Lushan Landslide張光宗; 林俊良; Kuang-Tsung Chang; Chun-Liang Lin
2015Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis for the Effects of Geological Properties on Groundwater of Slopes張光宗; 陸弘哲; Hung-Che Lu; 水土保持學系所
Jun-2016Three-dimensional numerical analysis for the effects of permeability anisotropy on the groundwater of slopesHung-Che Lu; Kuang-Tsung Chang; 陸弘哲; 張光宗
2009Three-dimensional numerical of soft ground improved by prefabricated vertical drainsLin, D.G.; 張光宗; Chang, K.T.-
2013以分離元素法探討卵礫石層力學性質張光宗; 陳宥序; Chen, You-Hsu; 水土保持學系所-
2012以有限元素法分析板岩邊坡潛移與漸進破壞行為林銘郎; Ming-Lang Lin; 潘以文; 徐松圻; Yi-Wen Pan; Sung-Chi Hsu; 張光宗; Kuang-Tsung Chang; 潘安士; Pan, An-Shih; 中興大學-