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20071990年代政府研發政策對廠商生產力成長的影響效果張嘉玲; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學應用經濟系-
20-Nov-2018An Event Study Analysis of Political Events, Disasters, and Accidents for Chinese Tourists to TaiwanChia-Lin Chang; 張嘉玲; Shu-Han Hsu; Michael McAleer
Jun-2015Application of Ring Consolidation Works to Bridge Pier Protection王傳益; 張嘉玲; 楊敏宏; 何璟浩; 呂紹吉; C.Y. Wang; C.L. Chang; M.H. Yang; J.H. He; S.J. Lu
2006Doing R&D and/or importing technologies: The critical importance of firm size in Taiwan's manufacturing industriesChang, C.L.; 張嘉玲; Robin, S.-
2008A double-threshold GARCH model of stock market and currency shocks on stock returnsYang, Y.L.; 張嘉玲; Chang, C.L.-
2010An econometric analysis of SARS and Avian Flu on international tourist arrivals to AsiaMcAleer, M.; 張嘉玲; Huang, B.W.; Kuo, H.I.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.L.-
2009Estimating the impact of avian flu on international tourism demand using panel dataKuo, H.I.; 陳吉仲; Chang, C.L.; Huang, B.W.; Chen, C.C.; McAleer, M.; 張嘉玲-
2009Forecasting h(m)otel guest nights in New ZealandLim, C.; 張嘉玲; Chang, C.L.; McAleer, M.-
2009Industrial agglomeration, geographic innovation and total factor productivity: The case of TaiwanChang, C.L.; 張嘉玲; Oxley, L.-
2009Modelling and forecasting tourism from East Asia to Thailand under temporal and spatial aggregationChang, C.L.; 張嘉玲; Sriboonchitta, S.; Wiboonpongse, A.-
2009Modelling risk in agricultural finance: Application to the poultry industry in TaiwanHuang, B.W.; 黃炳文; Chen, M.G.; Chang, C.L.; McAleer, M.; 張嘉玲-
31-Aug-2017Modelling volatility spillovers for bio-ethanol, sugarcane and corn spot and futures pricesChia-Lin Chang; 張嘉玲; Michael McAleer; Yu-Ann Wang
25-Nov-2018Moving Average Market Timing in European Energy Markets: Production Versus EmissionsChia-Lin Chang; 張嘉玲; Jukka Ilomäki; Hannu Laurila; Michael McAleer
2008Public policy, innovation and total factor productivity: An application to Taiwan's manufacturing industryChang, C.L.; 張嘉玲; Robin, S.-
Jun-2017Study of River Bed Variation Measuring Techniques and Estimation MethodsC.Y. Wang; S.J. Lu; C.L. Chang; Y.L. Lin; 王傳益; 呂紹吉; 張嘉玲; 林彥伶
6-Apr-2018Testing Co-Volatility spillovers for natural gas spot, futures and ETF spot using dynamic conditional covariancesChia-Lin Chang; 張嘉玲; Michael McAleer; Yanghuiting Wang-
2017VIX ETN與SPY投資組合的風險外溢與避險效果張嘉玲; 駱冠霖; Guan-Lin Luo; 應用經濟學系所
19-Jun-2018Volatility Spillovers between Energy and Agricultural Markets: A Critical Appraisal of Theory and PracticeChia-Lin Chang; 張嘉玲; Yiying Li; Michael McAleer
Mar-2013不同規格環圈柱於橋墩沖刷保護效果之研究C.Y. Wang; Y.S. Chang; C.L. Chang; J.H. Yang; M .H. Yang; H.P Shih; 王傳益; 張詠善; 張嘉玲; 楊佳學; 楊敏宏; 施漢鵬
2011以三因子及四因子模型探討台灣共同基金聰明錢效果張嘉玲; 余士迪; 紀志毅; 劉赫; Liu, Her; 中興大學-