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1998Air-liquid interfacial movement in models simulating airway reopeningHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Hou, C.M.-
2000Application of Learning Style Theory to the Design of Engineering Education in Taiwan's College徐善慧; 中興大學化學工程系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2006Artificial extracellular matrix proteins contain heparin-binding and RGD-containing domains to improve osteoblast-like cell attachment and growthWu, S.C.; 徐善慧; Yu, J.C.; Hsu, S.H.; Chen, D.C.H.-
2009The behavior of endothelial cells on polyurethane nanocomposites and the associated signaling pathwaysHung, H.S.; 徐善慧; Wu, C.C.; Chien, S.; Hsu, S.H.-
2005Bio-MEMS fabricated artificial capillaries for tissue engineeringWang, G.J.; 徐善慧; Chen, C.L.; Hsu, S.H.; Chiang, Y.L.; 王國禎-
2004Biocompatibility and biodegradation of a bone composite containing tricalcium phosphate and genipin crosslinked gelatinYao, C.H.; 徐善慧; Liu, B.S.; Hsu, S.H.; Chen, Y.S.; Tsai, C.C.-
2004Biocompatibility and biostability of a series of poly(carbonate)urethanesHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Lin, Z.C.-
2005Biocompatibility of poly(carbonate urethane)s with various degrees of nanophase separationHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Kao, Y.C.-
2004Biocompatibility of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/poly(ethylene glycol) diblock copolymers with nanophase separationHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Tang, C.M.; Lin, C.C.; 林助傑-
2006Biocompatibility of poly(ether)urethane-gold nanocompositesHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Tang, C.M.; Tseng, H.J.-
2004Bioeffect of ultrasound on endothelial cells in vitroHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Huang, T.B.-
2007Biological performances of poly(ether)urethane-silver nanocompositesHung, H.S.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.-
2008Biostability and biocompatibility of poly(ester urethane)-gold nanocompositesHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Tang, C.M.; Tseng, H.J.-
2008Biostability and biocompatibility of poly(ether) urethane containing gold or silver nanoparticles in a porcine modelChou, C.W.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Wang, P.H.-
2005Calvarial bone response to a tricalcium phosphate-genipin crosslinked gelatin compositeYao, C.H.; 徐善慧; Liu, B.S.; Hsu, S.H.; Chen, Y.S.-
Oct-2000CBD-RGD胜冴應用於組織修復材料:一、於聚胺基甲酸酯材料上之使用條件褚文平; 徐善慧; 陳震漢; 工學院-
Oct-2000CBD-RGD胜冴應用於組織修復材料:二、於數種材料上對不同細胞貼附性之影響並與電漿改質效果比較褚文平; 徐善慧; 陳震漢; 張素華; 林修正; 工學院-
2004Cell attachment and proliferation on poly(carbonate urethanes) with various degrees of nanophase separationHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Kao, Y.C.-
2007Cell migration rate on poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/poly(ethylene glycol) diblock copolymers and correlation with the material sliding angleHsu, S.H.; 徐善慧; Tang, C.M.; Chiu, J.J.; Liao, T.C.; Lin, C.C.; Iwata, H.; 林助傑-
2006Cell response to the polyurethane/gold nanocompositesTang, C.M.; 徐善慧; Tseng, H.J.; Hsu, S.H.-