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20183x3 符號對稱的代數正矩陣之結構王雅書; Ya-Shu Wang; 希德溫; Citra Dewi Hasibuan; 應用數學系所
20184x4 符號對稱且三對角的代數正矩陣之結構王雅書; Ya-Shu Wang; 羅佛亞; Loranty Folia Simanjuntak; 應用數學系所
2014An Action Research by Learning Community on Improvement of math learning in Junior High SchoolLin-Tsang Lee; 李林滄; 趙苓菓; Ling-Kuo Chao; 應用數學系所
2015Action Research of Cooperative Learning for a Teacher-An Example of Mathematical Area in a Certain Junior High School許英麟; 陳寧宜; Ning-Yi Chen; 應用數學系所
2015An analysis of mathematical learning assessment of grade 8 students in Miaoli賈明益; 陳書鴻; Shu-Hung Chen; 應用數學系所
2015The Analysis of Problem Solving Process in One-Variable Linear Equation among Grade One Junior High School Students in Taichung AreaMing-I Char; 賈明益; 王毓玲; Yu-Ling Wang; 應用數學系所
2014Analytical Stability Analysis of 2-D Curved Beams with Variable Curvatures王輝清; 林明翰; Ming-Han Lin; 應用數學系所
2014Application of System Computation Analysis in Biology Research and Vaccine DesignJyh-Bin Ke; 柯志斌; 胡裕仁; Yu-Jen Hu; 應用數學系所
2014Application of the hybrid method to estimate thermal boundary of a two-dimensional plateMing-I Char; 賈明益; 葉品青; Pin-Ching Yeh; 應用數學系所
2014Application of the La-DQM to convective heat transfer problem with Soret and Dofour effects賈明益; 戴伯臣; Bo-Chen Tai; 應用數學系所
2018ARM 平台上的雲許昌旺; 唐宏智; Hung-Chih Tang; 應用數學系所
2014Assessing accelerometer based gait feature to step count analysis of middle aged with non-traditional wearing positions陳焜燦; 林聖凱; Sheng-Kai Lin; 應用數學系所
2014The blow-up problem while using the Crank-Nicolson schemeHung-Ju Kuo; 郭紅珠; 陳偉淵; Wei -Yuan Chen; 應用數學系所
2014The conformal mapping on a diskHung-Ju Kuo; 郭紅珠; 阮奕彰; Yi-Chang Juan; 應用數學系所
2014Construct a best fuzzy AHP mode to score a school science fairsKuen-Tsann Chen; 陳焜燦; 傅振暘; Chen-Yang Fu; 應用數學系所
2015Cost Optimization and Comparative Analysis of the N Policy M/G/1 Queue with Working BreakdownsShin-Pyng Sheu; 許訓評; 陳家祐; Jia-Yu Chen; 應用數學系所
2014Development of mathematical predictive model for collegiate entrance examination by using the academic grade in schoolKuen-Tsann Chen; 陳焜燦; 吳淑芬; Shu-Fen Wu; 應用數學系所
2014Discrete Mean Value Theorem郭紅珠; 林郁翔; Yu-Siang Lin; 應用數學系所
2014Discrete Nonlinear Diffusion Model for Image Denoising by Using the Tailored Finite Point Method施因澤; 林彥儒; Yen Ru Lin; 應用數學系所
2014The effect of information technology integrated into mathematics teaching on learning achievement and learning attitude. ─An example of 「numberic geometric pattern and arithmetic sequence」李林滄; 謝琇雅; Hsiu-Ya Hsieh; 應用數學系所