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2014An Analysis of Elementary School Students' Subculture under the Bimodal Distribution in English LearningChun-Ping Wang; 王俊斌; Yi-Ling Lin; 林怡伶; 教師專業發展研究所
2015A Meta-Analysis of the Relationship between Teacher's Evaluation Professional Development and Teaching Effectiveness.吳勁甫; Yin-Jo Peng; 彭尹柔; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Priate High School Teachers' Cognition of Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development黃淑苓; Huei-Chin Lai; 賴卉青; 教師專業發展研究所
2015Professional Development Schools:Concept, Interaction and Implication許健將; Chia-Hsuan Wang; 王佳玄; 教師專業發展研究所
2014The Relationship between Positive Emotion and Learning Motivation – An Example of Public Junior High Schools in Taichung City洪慧涓; Yun-Ting Huang; 黃筠婷; 教師專業發展研究所
2015Self-Exploration of Life Metamorphosis : A Perspective Based on 7- year Development Theory in Anthroposophy白慧娟; Yu-Ting Huang; 黃鈺婷; 教師專業發展研究所
2015Student perceptions of being safe in school and parental involvement confident impact on discipline: Evidence from TIMSS 2011Jen-Jang Sheu; 許健將; Hsin-Yi Cheng; 鄭欣宜; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study of Educational Implications of Zong Bai-hua's AestheticsFu-Chen Liang; 梁福鎮; Jen-Hui Chang; 張仁慧; 教師專業發展研究所
2015A Study of Impact of eBook-Integrated English Teaching in a Junior High Class on Students' Academic Achievement and Learning Motivation蔡文榮; Ju-Hsiu Cheng; 鄭如秀; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study of Modified Audiolingual Method on Junior High School Students' English Listening and Oral PerformanceWenrong Tsay; 蔡文榮; Chia-Feng Wang; 王家豐; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study of PIE-an example of a junior high school student with visual impairments洪慧涓; Chia-Chen Wang; 王家蓁; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study of Positive Psychology to Explore the Implications of the Positive Discipline Thinking- A case of Junior High School Teacher's Experiences of Classroom ManagementHui-Chuan Hung; 洪慧涓; Yen-Po Liu; 劉晏伯; 教師專業發展研究所
2015The Study of School Counselors in Junior High Schools:Professional Practice, Role Expectations, and DifficultiesHui-Chuan Hung; 洪慧涓; Ying-Ju Liao; 廖映如; 教師專業發展研究所
2015A Study of the Impact of Cooperative Learning on 7th Graders' Interpersonal Relationship and English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing SkillsWenrong Tsay; 蔡文榮; Hung-Ru Chen; 陳虹汝; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study of the Relationship between Directors'Instructional Leadership and Teachers'Teaching Effectiveness in the Continuing Education Division of Vocational High Schools in Taichung City吳勁甫; Jia-Rong Chen; 陳家蓉; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study of the Relationship between School Internationalization and the Fostering of Intercultural Literacy in Taiwan's Institutions of Higher EducationChu-Ping Wang; 王俊斌; Joagni PARE; 巴祐寧; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study on Academic Adjustment of Thai Graduate Students in TaiwanWen-Rong Tsay; 蔡文榮; Sirinat Prathummanee; 徐主愛; 教師專業發展研究所
2014A Study on Life Pressure and Coping Strategies between Foreign Students and Domestic Students at National Chung Hsin University in TaiwanWen-Rong Tsay; 蔡文榮; Li-Fang Wu; 巫麗芳; 教師專業發展研究所
2015The Study on The Relationship Between EFL Learning Motivation and Learning Strategies of Taichung Junior High School StudentsJin-Fu Wu; 吳勁甫; Zhao-Jie Yu; 余肇傑; 教師專業發展研究所
2013互動式電子白板在國小英語教學過程中 對學習成就、學習態度與學習專注度之影響蔡文榮; Wen-Rong Tsay; 蔡佩君; Tsai, Pei-Jiun; 教師專業發展研究所