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2015Accuracy improvement of the stereoscopic measuring system based on the holographic optical element and spatial frequency施錫富; 陳威任; Wei-Ren Chen; 機械工程學系所
2011CMOS-MEMS 微機械式射頻開關楊龍杰; 施錫富; 劉茂誠; 戴慶良; 蔡宗佑; Tsai, Zung-You; 中興大學-
2012CMOS-MEMS微機械式帶通濾波器吳乾埼; Chyan-Chyi Wu; 許正治; 施錫富; Cheng-Chih Hsu; Hsi-Fu Shih; 戴慶良; Ching-Liang Dai; 馬為頎; Ma, Wei-Chi; 中興大學-
1-Jul-2016Depth measurement using structured light and spatial frequencyChan, Shih-Yu; Shih, Hsi-Fu; Chen, Jenq-Shyong; 施錫富
2009Design and Fabrication of a Small-Form-Factor Optical Pickup HeadChiu, Y.; 施錫富; Shih, H.F.; Chiou, J.C.; Cheng, S.T.; Hung, K.Y.; Tseng, F.G.; Fang, W.-
2014Design and fabrication of diffraction optical elements for stereoscopic measuring system施錫富; 杜佩芩; Pei-Qin Du; 機械工程學系所
9-Sep-2016Design and verification of diffractive optical elements for speckle generation of 3-D range sensorsPei-Qin Du; Hsi-Fu Shih; Jenq-Shyong Chen; Yi-Shiang Wang; 施錫富-
2005Design of optical head with holographic optical element for small form factor drive systemsShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Chang, C.L.; Lee, K.J.; Chang, C.S.-
2009Design of Single-Path Optical Pickup Head With Three Wavelengths Using Integrated Optical UnitShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Lu, W.C.; Chang, J.Y.-
2007Diffraction grating with dual modes for two-wavelength rewritable optical pickup headsShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Li, B.W.-
2007Dynamic laser feedback noise measurement for the optical information storage systemShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Hsu, D.W.-
2015Fluorescent simulation and experimental verification of luminescent solar concentratorsHsi-Fu Shih; 施錫富; 趙品仁; Pin-jen chao; 機械工程學系所
2015High precision stereoscopic depth measuring system with a single shot image capture施錫富; 詹世榆; Shin-Yu Chan; 機械工程學系所
2009Improvement of the light-trapping effect using a subwavelength-structured optical diskShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Hsieh, S.J.; Liao, W.Y.-
2007Integrated optical unit design for the collinear holographic storage systemShih, H.F.; 施錫富-
2014Luminescent Solar Concentrators Using Slanted Grating StructuresHsi-Fu Shih; 施錫富; 方鈞宥; Chun-Yu Fang; 機械工程學系所
2008Micro objective lens with NA 0.65 for the blue-light small-form-factor optical pickup headShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Lee, Y.C.; Chiu, Y.; Chao, D.W.C.; Lin, G.D.; Lu, C.S.; Chiou, J.C.-
2007Multimode grating using polymer-stabilized liquid crystals and novel electrodesShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Li, B.W.-
2005Multiple-beam liquid crystal grating for the recordable optical pickup headShih, H.F.; 施錫富-
2005Optical head with two wavelengths in single path using holographic optical elementShih, H.F.; 施錫富-