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Jun-2015Analysis of the Integrated Rural Tourism in Huashan Area of Gukeng Township蔡尚惪; 林瓊文; 曾喜育; 陳韋志; Shang-Te Tsai; Chiung-Wen Lin; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; Wei-Chih Chen
Sep-2011Analyzing Vegetation Dynamics of the Broad-leaved Secondary Forest by Species Abundance Models at Mt. Showchu in the Hue-Sun Forest Station蔡尚惪; 呂金誠; 曾喜育; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
1-Sep-2015Composition and Diversity of Vegetation in Sihyuán Wùkou AreaShang-Te Tsai; En-Liang Chu; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; Wei-Chih Chen; 蔡尚惪; 朱恩良; 曾喜育; 陳韋志
2014The Effect of Forest Type on Soil Seed Bank Composition – an Illustration of Hui-Sun Experimental Forest Station曾喜育; Tuan-Hsin Wu; 吳慱昕; 森林學系所
1-Sep-2015The Effects of the Outdoor Education Program, "Forest Backpacker Hostel" on Elementary School Higher Grades' Environmental Education at Neishuangxi Nature CenterYing-Ming Lai; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; Yen-Hsueh Tseng; 賴羿鳴; 曾喜育; 曾彥學
Mar-2012Ethnobotany on Atayal of Meiyuan Tribe in Nantou County,Taiwan廖學儀; Liao, Hsueh-Yi; 曾彥學; 曾喜育; Tseng, Yen-Hsueh; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Jun-2015Forest Vegetation survey by Systematic Sampling in Central Taiwan: A Case Study in National Forest Working Circle of Nantou Forest District李祈德; 曾喜育; 曾彥學; Chi-Te Lee; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; Yen-Hsueh Tseng
1-Sep-2015On the Review of Taxonomic Status of LiliaceaeChien-Ti Chao; Hsy-Yu Tzen; Yen-Hsueh Tseng; 趙建棣; 曾喜育; 曾彥學
2014Phenology of Ficus tinctoria ssp. swinhoei in Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan曾喜育; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; Yi-Hsun Liu; 劉怡洵; 森林學系所
Dec-2012Pollinaria Morphology of Cynanchum L. (Asclepiadaceae) in TaiwanChang, Yen-Hua; 張彥華; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu; Tseng, Yen-Hsueh; 曾喜育; 曾彥學; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Sep-2009Spartina Alterniflora Loisel. (Poaceae), a Newly Naturalized and Invasive Plant in Kinmen曾彥學; 林佳芸; 呂金誠; 曾喜育; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Sep-2013Species+and+Life-form+Diversity+along+the+Altitudinal+Gradient+on+the+Mt.+Shei+Eastern+TrailWang, Wei; 王偉; Tsai, Shang-Te; Chiu, Ching-An; Hsu, Chun-Kai; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu; Lu, King-Cherng; 蔡尚悳; 邱清安; 許俊凱; 曾喜育; 呂金誠; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Mar-2012Survey+of+plant+resources+and+proposition+of+ecological+restoration+in+Tungshih+Forest+Station邱清安; Chiu, Ching-An; 曾喜育; 王俊閔; 吳佾鴻; 曾彥學; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu; Wang, Chun-Min; Wu, Yi-Hung; Tzeng, Yen-Hsueh; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Sep-2012Understory Vegetation Diversity at Abies kawakamii (Hayata) Ito Forest in Mt. SheiLiao, Min-Chun; 廖敏君; Chiu, Chin-An; Lin, Hung-Chih; Tseng, Yen-Hsueh; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu; Lu, King-Cherng; 邱清安; 林鴻志; 曾彥學; 曾喜育; 呂金誠; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Mar-2015Vegetation Recovery after Fire of Subalpine Grassland on the East Peak of Mt. Shei邱清安; 陳韋志; 曾彥學; 廖敏君; 王偉; 曾喜育; Ching-An Chiu; Wei-Chih Chen; Yen-Hsueh Tseng; Min-Chun Liao; Wei Wang; Hsy-Yu Tzeng
2014不同林型對土壤種子庫組成之影響-以惠蓀林場為例曾喜育; Tuan-Hsin Wu; 吳慱昕; 森林學系所
2012南投縣惠蓀林場鄰近部落民族植物研究歐辰雄; 嚴新富; 蔡尚悳; 曾喜育; 廖學儀; Liao, Hsueh-Yi; 中興大學-
Mar-2011南投縣賽德克族中原部落民族植物之調查研究廖學儀; 曾彥學; 曾喜育; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
2010台中地區稜果榕物候之研究歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 呂福原; 周蓮香; Fu-Yuan Lu; Lien-Siang Chou; 曾喜育; Yen-Hsueh Tseng; 何伊喬; Ho, Yi-Chiao; 中興大學-
2010台中大坑地區植群生態之研究呂福原; Fu-Yuan Lu; 蔡尚惪; 曾彥學; Shang-Te Tsai; Yen-Hsueh Tseng; 曾喜育; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; 王俊閔; Wang, Chun-Min; 中興大學-