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2003Analysis of the Toxin Types, Antibiograms and Integron Genes for Pathogens Escherichia coli Isolates from Human and Porcine Origins.曾浩洋; Hau-Yang Tsen; 軒轅照秀; Chao-Hsiu, Hsuan Yuan-
2013Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activities of endopolysaccharide from Tremella spp.陳錦樹; 曾浩洋; 陳勁初; 方 繼; Wong, Sih-Ting; 翁思婷; 中興大學-
1995Antibiogram, plasmid profiles and pulsed-field gel electrophoretic patterns for salmonella typhi and S. typhimurium isolates from clinical samples in Taiwan曾浩洋; Zeng, Hao Yang; Liu, Pei Ru; 劉珮如-
1994B. circulans乳醣脢之熱穩定性及其反應器在煉乳加工之應用 (II)曾浩洋; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學食品科學系-
1987Characterization and inhibition study for naringinase from different sources and the immobilized enzyme with fiber entrapment methodZENG, HAO-YANG; 曾浩洋; CAI, XIU-YU; 蔡修裕-
1987Cloning of Salmonella DNA probe and its application in sea food examinationZENG, HAO-YANG; 曾浩洋; XIE, JUN-XU; 謝峻旭-
1991Cloning of the Salmonella specific DNA probes, preparation of oligonucleotide probes and their application in detection of Salmonella in foodsZENG,HAO-YANG; 曾浩洋; WANG, SHU-ZHENG; 王淑珍-
1991Comparison of the toxin genes for staphylococcus aureus and application of polymerase chain reaction曾浩洋; ZENG,HAO-YANG; 陳桐榮; CHEN, TONG-RONG-
1992Detection of salmonella in foods by microtiter sandwich hybridization and polymerase chain reactionTSEN, HAU-YANG; 曾浩洋; LIOUR, JIING-WERN; 劉景文-
1992Detection of Staphylococcus aureus in foods by colony hybridization and polymerase chain reaction曾浩洋; TSEN, HAU-YANG; 黃豐園; HUANG, FANG-YUAN-
2007Development and Application of Diagnostic Techniques for Animal Diseases張天傑; 楊平政; 劉振軒; 黃千衿; 王孟亮; 費昌勇; 陳石柱; 鄭明珠; 曾浩洋; 張伯俊; 邱賢松; 林永昌; 賴秀穗; 龐飛; 蔡信雄; 劉宏仁; 胡仲祺; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學獸醫學系(所)-
2004Development and application of PCR primers of staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhymurium using heat shock protein-like gene and fliC gene曾浩洋; 林嘉威-
1997Development and use of PCR primers for the detection of Bacillus cereus group cells and their hemolysin BL and/or enterotoxin曾浩洋; Tsen Hau-Yang; 許勝傑; Sheu, Sen-Je-
1997Development and use of PCR primers for the detection of Bacillus cereus group cells and their hemolysin BL and/or enterotoxin曾浩洋; Zeng, Hao-Yang; 許勝傑; Xu, Sheng-Jie-
1996Development of a multiplex PCR system for the simultaneous detection of bacillus cereus, salmonella spp. and type A enterotoxigenic staphylococcus aureus in food samples曾浩洋; Hau-Yang Tsen; 金仁筠; King, Jen-Yun-
1995Development of DNA probes and PCR primers for salmonella detectionZeng, Hao Yang; 曾浩洋; Lin, Jian Gu; 林建谷-
2006Development of Microarrays for Food Bacterial Pathogens and Staphylococcus aureus Enterotoxin Genes, as well as Molecular Typing and Real-Time PCR for Staphylococcus aureusTasn Hau Yang; 曾浩洋; Cheng, Chiang Yu; 蔣育錚-
2004Development of PCR primers of new staphylococcal enterotoxin genes sek, sel, sem and its application of enterotoxigenic distribution for staphylococcus aureus isolates obtained from food poisoning cases and clinical samples曾浩洋; 張立同-
2005Development of specific PCR primers, pulse-fielded gel electrophoresis, randomly amplified polymorphic DNAs, plasmid profile and integron analysis for swine isolated Salmonella strains黃文哲; Tsen, Hau-Yang; 曾浩洋; 邱采新; Chiu, Tsai-Hsin-
1996Distribution of the PFGE subtypes for enterotoxin A staphylococcus aureus strains and possible factors affecting such distributionTsen Hau-Yang; 曾浩洋; Lin, Li-Yueh; 林麗悅-