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2009The Duty-To-inform in Physician-Patient Relation from the Perspective of individual Corporal Autonomy Rights黃啟禎; 許耀明; 李惠宗; 黃玉燕; Hwang, Yuh-Yan; 中興大學-
2015On the Self-Determination of Living李惠宗; Hwai- Tzong Lee; 張靖忠; Ching-Chung Chang; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2015Practical Issue of Medical Technologist Act-Focusing on the Commission Work李惠宗; 方式釧; Shin-Chuan Fang 方式釧; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2012The Principle of"ne bis in idem" on the Application of Tax Law林昱梅; 黃啟禎; 李惠宗; 張維真; Chang, Wei-Jen; 中興大學-
2008Probe into the application and the control framework of human tissues in Taiwan李崇僖; Chung-Hsi Lee; 許舜喨; 李惠宗; Shun-liang Hsu; SherHwai-Tzong Lee; Yuh-May Lin; 林昱梅; 林月棗; Lin, Yueh-Tsao; 中興大學-
2014Research on Discipline and Punishment under High School Students李惠宗; 許博明; Bo-Ming Syu; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2015Research on Substantive Principle of Taxation- ­Focusing on the Type of Cooperation Store李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 張美惠; Mei-Hui Chang; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2009The Research On the Establishment of Taiwan's Legal System for Industrial Sustainable Development regarding E-Waste許耀明; 劉如慧; 李惠宗; 蕭棋云; Chi-Yun, Hsiao; 中興大學-
2009A Review of Article Seventy Six of Patent Law of Taiwan李惠宗; 佘日新; 李崇僖; 林昱梅; 陳憶華; Chen, I-Hua; 中興大學-
2015A Study of the Administrative System of Food Safety in the Context of The Right to Health李惠宗; 陳莉穎; Li-Ying Chen; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2015A Study of the Legal System on Criminal Compensation-Focusing on Reputation Infringement李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 吳怡芳; Yi-Fang Wu; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2011A Study on Administrative Contracts Legal System as the Method of Promoting Private Participation in infrastructure Projects江嘉琪; 林昱梅; 李惠宗; 詹志宏; Chan, Chih-Hung; 中興大學-
2015A Study on Illegal Benefits of Administrative Law─Focus on Cases of Violations of Environmental Law李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 黃倖芷; Hsing-Chih Huang; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2011Study on Regulation of Tissue from Living Persons as the Biomaterials黃啟禎; 陳志忠; 李惠宗; 李明偉; Lee, Ming-Wei; 中興大學-
2014Study on the Administrative Contract as Object of Notarization李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 陳曼里; Mahn-Lii Chern; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2015The Study on the Management Measures of Policemen李惠宗; 張惠如; Hui-Ju Chang; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2014The Study on the Relationship Between Environmental Protection Rights and Prevention Litigation李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 施美慧; Mei-Hui Shih; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2015A Study on the System Regarding Charity Donations Destined for Social Welfare Funds Implementation Regulations李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Li; 吳慧貞; Huei-Chen Wu; 法律學系碩士在職專班
2012個人資料保護法上目的拘束原則之探討李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 呂信瑩; Lu, Hsin-ying; 法律學系碩士在職專班-
2012入出國及移民法上驅逐出國制度之研究李惠宗; Hwai-Tzong Lee; 鄭宇宏; Cheng, Yu-Hung; 科技法律研究所-