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Sep-2014Adhesion and Coating Performances of Waterborne Polyurethane Resins Containing Liquefied Lignin胡銘珊; 宋憶青; 李文昭; Ming-Shan Hu; Y-Ching Sung; Wen-Jau Lee
2013Application of Polyhydric Alcohol Liquefied Lignin in Preparing Waterborne Polyurethane Resins and Organic-Inorganic Hybrids李文昭; Wen-Jau Lee; 胡銘珊; Hu, Ming-Shan; 森林學系所-
Sep-1998Chemically Modified Wood and It`s Gluing Properties (II)-The gluing properties of various etherified wood劉正字; 李文昭; 林福元; Cheng-Tzu L; Wen-Jau Lee; Fwu-Yuan Lin
Mar-2015Comparison of the Properties of Epoxy Resin and Epoxidized Novolactype Phenol-formaldehyde Resins謝漢民; 李文昭; Han-Min Hsieh; Wen-Jau Lee
25-Jun-2018Curing behavior and adhesion properties of epoxy resin blended with phenol-liquefied Cryptomeria japonicaWen-Jau Lee; 李文昭; Chen-Ling Kang; Yi-Chun Chen; Zheng-Ying Wu-
9-Jun-2018Curing behavior and bonding strength of two-component fast-setting adhesives prepared with phenol-liquefied Cryptomeria japonica woodYen-Chun Chen; Wen-Jau Lee; 李文昭-
Dec-2015Curing Behavior of Blended Resins Prepared with Bisphenol A Type and Liquefi ed Wood Type Epoxy Resin and the Properties of Their MoldingsJeun-Yan Lam; Wen-Jau Lee; 林俊延; 李文昭
28-Jun-2018Effect of containing polyhydric alcohol liquefied wood on the properties of thermoplastic polyurethane resinsWen-Jau Lee; 李文昭; Chung-Yu Chao-
2015Effect of Storage Time and Modification on the Properties of Waterborne Polyurethane/Silica Hybrids李文昭; Wen-Jau Lee; Yun-Yun Lee; 李雲蕓; 森林學系所
Sep-1995The Effects of Gluing Methods and Modified Adhesives on the Properties of Structural Laminated Wood by End-to-End Grain Joint (Ⅲ)-The Effects of Various End-grain Joint Types and Adhesives Used on the Properties of Laminated Woods劉正字; 李文昭; 張心怡; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii; Shin-Yi Jang
12-Mar-2017Effects of the NCO/OH molar ratio and the silica contained on the properties of waterborne polyurethane resinsWen-Jau Lee; Wei-Ting Lin; 李文昭
Mar-1985Manufacturing and Gluing Methods of Adhesive for Bonding of Wood with High Moisture Content(1) Moisture Control of Specimen and and its Related PropertiesCheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jan Lii; 劉正字; 李文昭
Mar-1986The Manufacturing and Gluing Methods of Adhesives for High Moisture Content Wood -(3) Polyurethane Adhesive and Epoxy Resin Adhesive Used in High Moisture Content Wood劉正字; 李文昭; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii
Jun-2002PE-NC semi-IPNs木器塗料(1):塗料之可使用時間及乾燥性盧崑宗; 李文昭; 劉正字; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
2015Preparation and properties of epoxy/polyurethane composites containing biomass李文昭; Wen-Chao Lee; Yi-Kang Yang; 楊彝綱; 森林學系所
2015Preparation and properties of non-solvent type and waterborne epoxy resins containing liquefied wood李文昭; Jeun-Yan Lam; 林俊延; 森林學系所
Jun-2015Properties of Novolac-Type Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins Prepared from “Cryptomeria japonica” Liquefied with Phenol/Bisphenol A朱建芳; 李文昭; Chien-Fang Chu; Wen-Jau Lee
2014Properties of Polyurethane Resins Prepared from Liquefied Acacia confusa-based Alkyd Polyol李文昭; Yu Wu; 吳伃; 森林學系所
Mar-2008PVAc-Silica-竹炭粉混成材料之製備及其性質伍允瑄; 李文昭; 彭詩威; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Mar-1990The secondary Bonding of Composite Boards on Face-to-Face and Side-to-Side Gluing劉正字; 李文昭; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii