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1996The Analysis and Projection on Household Food Expenditures in TaiwanLee Hwang-Jaw; 李皇照; Chou, Yuan-Chin; 周淵欽-
1997An Analysis of Consumer Demand in Taiwan -Comparison of Alternative Specifications for Demand SystemLee Hwang-Jaw; 李皇照; Lin, Feng-Teng; 林豐騰-
1996An analysis on consumer coupon-use behaviorLee Hwang-Jaw; 李皇照; 盧佩鋒; Lu, Pei-Fong-
2002A Content Analysis on Electronic Commerce Websites of Flowers in TaiwanHwang-Jaw Lee , Ph.D.; 李皇照; 江嘉瑜; Chiang, Chia-Yu-
2003Cultural Value, Consumption Value and Consumer Behavior - An Empirical Study on College Students'' Mobile Phone Purchasing Decisions in Taiwan and Mainland ChinaHwang-Jaw Lee; 李皇照; 吳欣穎; Hsin-ying, Wu-
1996The Effects of Price Advertising Cues on Consumers'' Price Perceptions李皇照; Lee Hwang-Jaw; 周佩霖; Chou, Pei-Lin-
1994An Evaluation on Performance o f Fruits and Vegetable Wholesale Markets in Urban Area李皇照; Lee Hwang-Jaw; 孫靜蘭; Lun, Sun Jin-
1999The Influence of Shopping Motive and Situational Factors on the Behavior of Retail PatronsHwang-Jaw Lee; 李皇照; 方俊欽-
2005The Relationship between Market Orientation and Organizational Performance-An Integrated Analysis of Literatures李皇照; Hwang-Jaw Lee; 魏敏真; Wei, Min-Chen-
2002Studies on Marketing Channel, Marketing Cost and Consumers' Behavior of Major Imported Agricultural Products李皇照; 陳淑恩; 徐純慧; 陳章真; 黃韶顏; 萬鍾汶; 魯真; 中興大學行銷學系; 行政院農業委員會-
1997A Study on Chicken Marketing and Establishing Chicken Carcass Exchange Center in Taipei CityLee Hwang-Jaw; 李皇照; Kuo, Chen-Yi; 郭貞怡-
1995A study on perception and satisfaction of record-keeping famers in agricultural policyLee Hwang-Jaw; 李皇照; 曾憲惠; Tseng, Hsien-Hui-
1999Tests on Aggregation Condition of Household Expenditures Data in TaiwanLEE HWANG-JAW; 李皇照; FANG, CHENG-HSI; 方正璽-
2005企業因應負面訊息之危機處理研究李皇照; Hwang-Jaw Lee; 黃志揚; Huang, Chih Yang-
2011傳統產業之關係行銷與行銷組合策略分析— 以台中某機械公司為例林正章; Cheng-Chang Lin; 李皇照; Hwang-Jaw Lee; 蔡明志; Ming-Chih Tsai; 宋子敬; Sung, Tzu-Ching; 中興大學-
Oct-2004全球化下臺灣食品零售業的發展與挑戰李皇照; 李皇照; 國立中興大學歷史學系
Mar-1998動態線性支出體系:十二類總和產品支出分析李皇照; 林豐騰; 國立中興大學農產運銷學系
Mar-2000南投縣農業復建策略粗探李皇照; 國立中興大學農學院農業推廣委員會
1994台中市家計單位簡便食品消費市場區隔之研究Hwang Jaw Lee; 李皇照; Hwang, Yueh Chuen; 黃月春-
1996台北市和台中市消費者花卉消費行為之研究李皇照; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學農產運銷學系-