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2003921集集地震穀倉儲槽倒塌分析林其璋; Chi-Chang Lin; 陳俊岳; YUEH, CHEN CHUN-
2010Active control of irregular buildings considering soil-structure interaction effectsLin, C.C.; 林其璋; Chang, C.C.; Wang, J.F.-
2002Cause Investigation and Improvement Strategy of Damaged and Undamaged High-Rise Buildings Due to 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake林其璋; 國立中興大學土木工程學系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2005Damage Diagnosis and Vibration Control of Building Structures (I)林其璋; 王哲夫; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學土木工程系-
1994Direct Output Feedback in Active Structural Control (III)林其璋; 鍾立來; 中興大學土木工程學系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2008Dynamic parameter identification for irregular buildings considering soil-structure interaction effectsLin, C.C.; 林其璋; Wang, J.F.; Tsai, C.H.-
2002Dynamic Property and Damage Evaluation of Buildings Based on Earthquake Response Records林其璋; 吳文華; 國立中興大學土木工程學系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2008(Earthquake Spectra, 24(3):641-666)Dynamic Parameter Identification for Irregular Buildings Considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effects林其璋; C. C. Lin; C. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; C. H. Tsai; 國立中興大學土木工程學系
2007(Engineering Structures, 29(9):2143-2157)A Story Damage Index of Seismically-Excited Buildings Based on Modal Frequency and Mode Shape林其璋; C. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; C. C. Lin; S. M. Yen; 國立中興大學土木工程學系-
2010Experiment and analysis of a fuzzy-controlled piezoelectric seismic isolation systemLu, L.Y.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.; Lin, G.L.; Lin, C.Y.-
2010Experimental study on adjustable tuned mass damper to reduce floor vibration due to machineryChang, M.L.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.; Ueng, J.M.; Hsieh, K.H.; Wang, J.F.-
Mar-2009Experimental Study on Adjustable Tuned Mass Damper to Reduce Floor Vibration Due to Machinery林其璋; C. C. Lin; M. L. Chang; C. C. Lin; J. M. Ueng; K. H. Hsieh; J. F. Wang; 國立中興大學土木工程學系-
2009H (a) drift control of time-delayed seismic structuresChang, C.C.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.-
1999H_infinite 主動控制系統之穩定與減振分析林其璋; Chi-Chang Lin; 魏志揚; Wei, Jyh-Yang-
2004H_infty Direct Output Feedbake Control of Torsionally-Coupled Building Structures林其璋; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土木工程學系(所)-
2005H∞ Direct Output Feedback Control of Discrete-Time Structural Systems林其璋; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學土木工程系-
2003H∞ 直接輸出回饋之結構控制策略林其璋; Chi-Chang Lin; 張長菁; Chang, Chang-Ching-
2008H∞直接加速度輸出回饋之結構控制盧煉元; Lyan-Ywan Lu; 王彥博; 洪李陵; 朱世禹; Yen-Po Wang; Li-Ling Hong; Shih-Yu Chu; 林其璋; Chi-Chang Lin; 李昭賢; Li, Chao-Hsien; 中興大學-
2001H∞直接輸出回饋之結構控制林其璋; Chi-Chang Lin; 潘銘棋; Pan, Ming-Chi-
2002H∞與LQR控制效用之比較林其璋; Chi-Chang Lin; 陳皇霖; Chen, Huang-Lin-