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2001Actuator placement and zero effect on global wide-band noise reduction in ducts with hybrid system identification techniqueLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Yu, Y.T.-
2003Application of damped-oscillation control signals for wide-band feedback active noise control in acoustic ductsLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Ke, J.H.-
2014Auxiliary Noise of Exponential-Decay Power for Online Acoustic Feedback Path Modeling in Active Noise Control SystemsJong-Yih Lin; 林忠逸; 陳楷峻; Kai-Jyun Chen; 機械工程學系所
2005CMOS可調頻率微機械式共振器的設計和製作林忠逸; Ching-Liang Dai; 戴慶良; 喻韋強; Yu, Wei-Chiang-
2006Combined feedback design of active noise control and face velocity control based on a novel secondary-path model of speaker-duct systemsLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Liao, C.W.-
2014An Experimental Study of Active Noise Control Based on Normalized Least Mean Square AlgorithmsJong-Yih Lin; 林忠逸; 張暘承; Young-Chen Chang; 機械工程學系所
2014An Experimental Study of Time-Varying Step-Size Methods for Active Noise Control Systems with Online Secondary Path Modeling林忠逸; 紀寬政; Kuan-Cheng Chi; 機械工程學系所
2003Fuzzy evaluation of process capability for bigger-the-best type productsChen, T.W.; 林忠逸; Chen, K.S.; Lin, J.Y.-
2000Identification of acoustic impedance using a simple genetic algorithmLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Chao, S.C.-
1999LQG/GA design of active noise controllers for a collocated acoustic duct systemLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Sheu, H.Y.; Chao, S.C.-
2000LQG/H∞設計在一維聲管主動噪音控制之應用林忠逸; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學機械工程系-
2000LQR/RPS design of robust controllers for a one-link robotLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Jaw, J.H.-
2006MFXRLS-based adaptive feed-forward controller implemented with velocity sensor identified by frequency response to improve actuator speaker performance in ANC systemsLiao, C.W.; 林忠逸; Lin, J.Y.-
2007New FIR filter-based adaptive algorithms incorporating with commutation error to improve active noise control performanceLiao, C.W.; 林忠逸; Lin, J.Y.-
2008New IIR filter-based adaptive algorithm in active noise control applications: Commutation error-introduced LMS algorithm and associated convergence assessment by a deterministic approachLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Liao, C.W.-
1999Robust internal model-based LQG design for active noise control of a one-dimensional acoustic duct systemLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Sheu, H.Y.-
2003Selecting a supplier by fuzzy evaluation of capability indices C-pmChen, T.W.; 林忠逸; Lin, J.Y.; Chen, K.S.-
2014Time-Varying Step-Sizes Method for Online Secondary Path Modeling in Active Noise Control Systems with External Disturbance林忠逸; 莊翔裕; Ciung-Yu Chuang; 機械工程學系所
1995一維導管低頻噪音之強韌最佳控制林忠逸; Lin, Zhong Yi; 雷文忠; Lei, Wen Zhong-
2003中部科學園區推動計畫-精密光學檢測系統-技術整合與應用郭正雄; 邱顯俊; 林宸生; 戴慶良; 林忠逸; 黃敏睿; 林麗章; 陳昭亮; 游憲一; 李吉群; 施錫富; 范光堯; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學機械工程系-