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2009309系列手銲條 應用於超高強度鋼板對接之研究林明澤; Ming-Tzer Lin; 黃德劭; DeShau Huang; 吳威德; Weite Wu; 翁新凱; Weng, Shin-Kai; 中興大學-
2014The Analysis of Roller Vibration Modal Mechanism by Using Finite Element Method林明澤; Yu-Cheng Lin; 林榆成; 精密工程學系所
2009Design and development of a novel paddle test structure for the mechanical behavior measurement of thin films application for MEMSTong, C.J.; 林明澤; Lin, M.T.-
2007Design and development of sub-micron scale specimens with electroplated structures for the microtensile testing of thin filmsLin, M.T.; 林明澤; Tong, C.J.; Chiang, C.H.-
2015Design Optimization of the Casting Nozzle Using Computer SimulationMing-Tzer Lin; 林明澤; Heng-Jen Kuo; 郭恒任; 精密工程學系所
9-Oct-2018Digital image correlation of SEM images for surface deformation of CMOS ICTerry Yuan-Fang Chen; Tzu-Ching Chen; Fa-Yen Cheng; Ang-Ting Tsai; Ming-Tzer Lin; 林明澤
2015Dynamics analysis of advanced recycling method for the steelmaking dephosphorization林明澤; Chou-Cheng Wu; 吳洲呈; 精密工程學系所
2014Effect of Temperature on Energy Loss and Internal Friction in Nanocrystalline Metal Thin FilmsMing-Tzer Lin; 林明澤; Yu-Ting Wang; 王瑜婷; 精密工程學系所
1-Jul-2017Effects of Electrical Current and External Stress on the Electromigration of Intermetallic Compounds Between the Flip-Chip Solder and Copper SubstrateWei-Jhen Chen; Yue-Lin Lee; Ti-Yuan Wu; Tzu-Ching Chen; Chih-Hui Hsu; Ming-Tzer Lin; 林明澤
2014Electromagnetic ABS for Electrical Vehicles Using Ultra-CapacitorMing-Tzer Lin; 林明澤; Chia-Hung Tu; 涂嘉宏; 精密工程學系所
2014External applied stress and interface effects on texture transformation in Ag thin films林明澤; Ya-Chi Cheng; 鄭雅琪; 精密工程學系所
2007The influence of vanadium alloying on the elevated-temperature mechanical properties of thin gold filmsLin, M.T.; 林明澤; Chrornik, R.R.; Barbosa, N.; El-Deiry, P.; Hyun, S.; Brown, W.L.; Vinci, R.P.; Delph, T.J.-
2015The Measurement of Time and Temperature of Al and Al Alloy Thin Film Creep Behavior Using Bulge TestMing-Tzer Lin; 林明澤; Cheng-Hua Lu; 呂承樺; 精密工程學系所
2014Mechanical Behavior of Thin Film: IMC Growth, Internal Friction, Stress and Scale EffectsMing-Tzer Lin; 林明澤; Feng-Chih Hsu; 許豐智; 精密工程學系所
2015The Mechanical Properties Measurement of Titanium Nitride Thin Film with respect to Different Process Parameters Using Bulge Test林明澤; Chien-Hua Chen; 陳建華; 精密工程學系所
2012Mechanism and Properties Investigation of Novel Grain Boundary Migration, Internal Friction, Elastic-Plastic Deformation, Cyclic and Temperature Dependent Creep of Nanocrystallize Thin Films林明澤; 國立中興大學精密工程學研究所; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2008Monotonic and fatigue testing of freestanding submicron thin beams application for MEMSLin, M.T.; 林明澤; Tong, C.J.; Shiu, K.S.-
2009MR21型式發光二極體燈具散熱器之熱分析與結構探討林明澤; 黃德劭; 韓斌; 黃俊彥; Huang, Jyun-Yan; 中興大學-
2010Novel heat dissipation design for light emitting diode applicationsChang, C.C.; 林明澤; Huang, D.S.; Lin, M.T.; Horng, R.H.; Lai, C.M.; 洪瑞華-