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14-Nov-2016A propeller-shaped μ4-carbonate hexanuclear dysprosium complex with a high energetic barrier to magnetisation relaxationHolmberg, Rebecca J; Kuo, Che-Jung; Gabidullin, Bulat; Wang, Chia-Wei; Clérac, Rodolphe; Murugesu, Muralee; Lin, Po-Heng; 林柏亨
2018Dysprosium and Transition Metal Complexes with Schiff-Base Ligands : Synthesis, Structural Characterizations, Magnetic and Sorption Properties林柏亨; Li-Sheng Chen; 陳立勝; 化學系所
20-Jun-2016Effect of the Mn Oxidation State on Single-Molecule-Magnet Properties: Mn(III) vs Mn(IV) in Biologically Inspired DyMn3O4 CubanesLin, Po-Heng; Tsui, Emily Y; Habib, Fatemah; Murugesu, Muralee; Agapie, Theodor; 林柏亨
15-Oct-2018Influence of Energy Barriers in Triangular Dysprosium Single-Molecule Magnets through Different Substitutions on a Nitrophenolate-Type ColigandChin, Wei; Lin, Po-Heng; 林柏亨
7-Oct-2018[Ln16] complexes (Ln = GdIII, DyIII): molecular analogues of natural minerals such as hydrotalciteRichardson, Paul; Hsu, Ting-Jung; Kuo, Che-Jung; Holmberg, Rebecca J; Gabidullin, Bulat; Rouzières, Mathieu; Clérac, Rodolphe; Murugesu, Muralee; Lin, Po-Heng; 林柏亨
2017Multinuclear Dysprosium and Copper Complexes with Schiff-Based Ligands : Syntheses, Characterizations and Magnetic / Catalytic Applications林柏亨; Chia-Wei Wang; 王家偉; 化學系所
2018Multinuclear Dysprosium Complexes with Schiff-Base Ligands: Synthesis, Structural Analysis, Magnetic and Catalytic PropertiesPo-Heng Lin; 林柏亨; Wei Chin; 秦瑋; 化學系所
Jun-2016Structurally diverse dysprosium and yttrium complexes containing an amine-bis(benzotriazole phenolate) ligand: Synthesis, characterization and catalysis for lactide polymerizationKuan-Chin Lee; Hui-Ju Chuang; Bor-Hunn Huang; Bao-Tsan Ko; Po-Heng Lin; 林柏亨
2017Syntheses, Characterizations and Applications of Dysprosium and Yttrium Complexes : Mononuclear Complexes with Amine-Bis(Benzotriazole Phenolate) and Nitrophenoxy Ligands for Ring-Opening Polymerization and Multinuclear Complexes with Schiff-Based Ligands for Single-Molecule Magnets林柏亨; Yun-Ting Liu; 劉芸廷; 化學系所
2018Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Magnetic Properties of Mononuclear and Polynuclear Lanthanide Complexes by Using Schiff-Base Ligands with Different Electron-Donation Group and Electron-Withdrawing Group林柏亨; Jun-Yu Wei; 魏俊育; 化學系所