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2003The Comparison Studies of Processing Quality for Two Red Flesh Pitayas (Hylocereus spp.)柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; 謝麗敏; Hsieh, Li-Min-
2011Effect of fermentation by Rhizopus spp. on antioxidative properties and functional component productions of various rice substrates柯文慶; 蘇南維; 陳錦樹; 黃千芸; Huang, Chien-Yun; 中興大學-
2004Effects of High Pressure and Temperature on the Gelation Properties of Tilapia Surimi Enchanced by Transglutaminase (TGase)柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; 謝泓鈞; Hsieh, Hung-Chun-
2012Functional properties and Application of a Seed Koji Prepared by Growing Actinomucor spp. on Black Soybean游若篍; 柯文慶; 陳錦樹; Huang, Zhen-Yu; 黃震宇; 中興大學-
1998Gelation properties of chicken breast meat and preparation of minced chicken soup products transportable at normal temperature柯文慶; Ko Wen-Ching; 陳志明; Chen, Tze-Ming-
2003Isolation of proteoglycan from sea cucumber and investigation on its antioxidant, antimutagenic and hypolipidemic activities柯文慶; Miao-Lin Hu; 胡淼琳; 劉禧賢; Hsien, Liu Hsi-
1998The mechanism of granultaion and gelation for yolk in shell egg during brining.柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; 賴坤明; Lai, Kung-Ming-
1994Microwave thawing of frozen milkfish surimi and prevention of the runaway heating賴滋漢; Ke, Wen Qing; 柯文慶; 陳美伶; Chen, Mei Ling-
2005Optimization of Vinegar Fermentation from Honey Distiller's Water with Response Surface Methodology柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; 曾貽湧; Zeng, Yi-Yong-
2002Preparation and Characterization of the Flavoring and Antioxidative Substances in Enzymatic Hydrolyzates from Cooking Juice of Tuna柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; 饒家麟; Jao, Chia-Ling-
1995Processing and quality of seasoned-dried product from tilapia (orchromis niloticus)賴滋漢; Ke, Wen Qing; 柯文慶; Wu, Qi Dou; 吳其都-
2005Quality Analysis and Establishment of Safety Control System for Fermented Milk柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko, Ph.D.; 張珮凌; Chang, Pei-Ling-
1998Quality Analysis of Kasu-zuke Tilapia(Orechromis niloticus) and the Contribution of Vinasse Protease柯文慶; Ko Wen Ching; 黃志強; Ng, Chze Siong-
2005Rice Spirits Brewing and Effects of Acceleration Aging on Its Quality柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; 羅彦瑜; Lo, Yen-Yu-
1995Studies on K value determination and quality characteristics of tilapia during refrigerated storageKe, Wen Qing; 柯文慶; Liao, Xiu Juan; 廖秀娟-
1993Studies on preparation of lactic fermented tou-kan and characteristics of α-galactosidase from lactobacilli柯文慶; Ke, Wen-Qing; 沈賜川; Shen, Si-Chuan-
1992Studies on processing quality of cultured milkfish (Chanos chanos) muscle賴滋漢; KO, WEN-CHING; 柯文慶; 劉世詮; LIOU, SHYH-CHYUAN-
2005Studies on the Preparation of Taiwanese Rice-Spirits and Detection of Added Molasses-Spirits by SNIF-NMR Method柯文慶; Wen-Ching Ko; Wang, Hsiu-Ju; 王秀如-
2003Study on Processing of Adzuki Bean Paste and Gelation of Adzuki Bean Jelly柯文慶; Po-Yuan Chiang; 江伯源; 陳思怡; Cheng, Se-Yi-
2005To Probe into the Process of Mei-Gin and the Effects on Serum Lipids of Hamsters柯文慶; Chieh-Hsi Wu; 吳介信; Hong, Wen-Jie; 洪文傑-