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Aug-2016A Stenohaline Medaka, Oryzias woworae, Increases Expression of Gill Na(+), K(+)-ATPase and Na(+), K(+), 2Cl(-) Cotransporter 1 to Tolerate Osmotic StressJuo, Jiun-Jang; Kang, Chao-Kai; Yang, Wen-Kai; Yang, Shu-Yuan; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
Dec-2016Different expression patterns of renal Na+/K+-ATPase α-isoform-like proteins between tilapia and milkfish following salinity challengesYang, Wen-Kai; Chung, Chang-Hung; Cheng, Hui Chen; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
8-Aug-2017FXYD8, a Novel Regulator of Renal Na+/K+-ATPase in the Euryhaline Teleost, Tetraodon nigroviridisWang, Pei-Jen; 楊文凱; Yang, Wen-Kai; Lin, Chia-Hao; Hwang, Hau-Hsuan; Lee, Tsung-Han
2016Microtubule-dependent changes in morphology and localization of chloride transport proteins in gill mitochondria-rich cells of the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusYang, Wen-Kai; Wu, Yu-Ching; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
2013探討鹹水模式魚種-恆河青鱂魚(Oryzias dancena)FXYD蛋白質的表現及可能角色李宗翰; Tsung-Han Lee; 楊文凱; Yang, Wen-Kai; 生命科學系所-
2012評估以超級鋪面及馬歇爾配合設計最適含油量拌合超級鋪面級配績效之比較研究陳景文; 黃添坤; 徐登文; 楊文凱; Yang, Wen-Kai; 中興大學-
2005高雄林園沿岸帆鰭茉莉之鑑種,仔魚生長,及環境鹽度適應機制之探討李宗翰; Tsung-Han Lee; 楊文凱; Yang, Wen-Kai-