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201324GHz射頻接收機之前端電路設計楊谷章; Guu-Chang Yang; 吳易達; Wu, Yi-Ta; 電機工程學系所-
2012Accurate Analysis of Double-Weight Optical CDMA With Power ControlYang, G.C.; 楊谷章; Chen, C.H.; Kwong, W.C.-
1999Applications of Wavelength-Division Multiplexing on Optical Fiber Networks楊谷章; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學電機工程系-
25-Dec-2017Asynchronous-Symmetric Channel-Hopping Sequences Over Prime Field for Cognitive Radio NetworksMing-Hsuan Chiang; Guu-Chang Yang; 楊谷章; Chih-Feng Chiang; Wing C. Kwong
2006A bipolar-bipolar code for asynchronous wavelength-time optical CDMAHsieh, C.P.; 楊谷章; Chang, C.Y.; Yang, G.C.; Kwong, W.C.-
2001CDMA fiber-optic systems with optical hard limitersChen, J.J.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
1999Concatenated prime codesHong, C.F.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
2011Construction of Optimal 2D Optical Codes Using (n, w, 2, 2) Optical Orthogonal CodesLin, Y.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
13-Apr-2018Contention Resolution Mechanisms for Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc NetworksYi-Tang Wang; Guu-Chang Yang; 楊谷章; Min-Kuan Chang; Wing C. Kwong
2008Design and Analysis of 2-D Codes With the Maximum Cross-Correlation Value of Two for Optical CDMATien, J.H.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
2012Design and Analysis of Generalized Diversity Optical CDMA SystemsGuu-Chang Yang; 楊谷章; Su, Je-Wei; 蘇哲蔚; 通訊工程研究所
2008Design and Study of Coding Modulation in Multirate FH-CDMA Systems楊谷章; 國立中興大學電機工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
2002Design of multilength optical orthogonal codes for optical CDMA multimedia networksKwong, W.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
2000Determination of FWM products in unequal-spaced-channel WDM lightwave systemsChang, K.D.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Kwong, W.C.-
2001Double-weight signature pattern codes for multicore-fiber code-division multiple-access networksKwong, W.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, C.C.-
2004Extended carrier-hopping prime codes for wavelength-time optical code-division multiple accessKwong, W.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
2010Extended Multilevel Prime Codes for Optical CDMASun, C.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Tu, C.P.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
1998Frequency-Hopping CDMA Cellular Systems with Applications to PCS楊谷章; 中興大學電機工程系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2007Frequency-hopping CDMA with reed-solomon code sequences in wireless communicationsLin, M.F.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Liu, Y.S.; Kwong, W.C.-
1999Frequency-hopping codes for multimedia services in mobile telecommunicationsKwong, W.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-