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20151D model analysis for centrifugal fan and design examplesJau-Huai Lu; 盧昭暉; 洪振豪; Chen-Hao Hung; 機械工程學系所
20122.45GHz表面聲波無線射頻標籤之研究吳嘉哲; 王炳昱; Wang, Bing-Yu; 機械工程學系所-
20183D單層奈米金顆粒結構電極之生物感測器開發王國禎; Gou-Jen Wang; 林袁志; Yuan-Chih Lin; 機械工程學系所
2015Accuracy improvement of the stereoscopic measuring system based on the holographic optical element and spatial frequency施錫富; 陳威任; Wei-Ren Chen; 機械工程學系所
2015Adaptive Force Control for n-link Robot ManipulatorChing-Hung Lee; 李慶鴻; 王瑋辰; Wei-Chen Wang; 機械工程學系所
2015Adaptive Sliding Fuzzy Control of Robot Manipulator with Flexible JointsShih-Tin Lin; 林仕亭; 楊惠雯; Hui-Wen Yang; 機械工程學系所
2015Adaptive Task-Space Impedance Control of 7-axis KUKA Redundant Robots林麗章; 陳星名; Hsing-Ming Chen; 機械工程學系所
2015The Alignment of Range sensor and Rotating tableJi-Chun Lee; 李吉群; 廖晉逸; Jin Yi Liao; 機械工程學系所
2015Analysis of abnormal vibration on a wind turbine power generator陳任之; 沈崇聖; Chung-Sheng Shen沈崇聖; 機械工程學系所
2015Analysis of the dynamic Apex seal leakage of Wankel EngineJau-Huai Lu; 盧昭暉; 許右龍; Yu-Lung Hsu; 機械工程學系所
2014Analysis of the seal leakage of UAV rotary engine盧昭暉; 楊建楷; Jian-Kai Yang; 機械工程學系所
2014Analysis of Tool and Cutting Parameters Effect on PZT Micro-machining盧銘詮; 陳科翰; Ko-Heng Chen; 機械工程學系所
2014Application of Acoustic Emission Signals for Surface Roughness of Zirconia Ceramic in the Precision GrindingPai-Chung Tseng; 曾柏昌; 吳東晨; Dong-Chen Wu; 機械工程學系所
2015Application of artificial neural network to determine the status of spindle bearing蔡志成; 陳志騏; Zhi-Chi Chen; 機械工程學系所
2014Application of Circular Microphone Array for Tool Wear Monitoring in Micro Milling盧銘詮; 鄭瑞霖; Ruei-Lin Jheng; 機械工程學系所
2015The Application of Homography in Line Laser ProfilometryJi-Chun Lee; 李吉群; 李承和; Cheng-He Lee; 機械工程學系所
2015Application of MEMS Microphone Array for Tool Wear Monitoring in Precision Turning盧銘詮; 王培寧; Pei-Ning Wang; 機械工程學系所
2014Application of Zoom FFT in Refining the Orientation of Rotation Axis in Range Image RegistrationJi-Chun Lee; 李吉群; 林俊良; Chun-Liang Lin; 機械工程學系所
2015Aptamer-Based Impedimetric Biosensor for Allergen Der p2 detectionGou-Jen Wang; 王國禎; 沈銘哲; Ming-Che Shen; 機械工程學系所
2015Artificial Intelligence Machining Surface Roughness Prediction Model and MRR Optimization – A Case Study of Plastic Injection Mold Milling曾柏昌; 廖學佑; Hsueh-Yu Liao; 機械工程學系所