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Aug-1982Contributions to the Dicotyledonous Plants of Taiwan (Ⅶ):WAN(Ⅶ)劉業經; 歐辰雄; Yeh-Ching Liu; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1984Contributions to the Dicotyledonous Plants of Taiwan (Ⅷ)Chern-Hsiung Ou; 歐辰雄
Mar-1985Contributions to the Dicotyledonous Plants of Taiwan (Ⅸ)Chern-Hsiung Ou; 歐辰雄
Sep-1992Cuticle Micromorphology of Cinnamomeae (Lauraceae) from Taiwan歐辰雄; 蕭如英; 廖秋成; Hern-Hsiung Ou; Ju-Ying Hsiao; Chiou-Cheng Lias
Sep-1994Cuticle Micromorphology of Litseeae(Lauraceae) from Taiwan歐辰雄; 蕭如英; 廖秋成; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Ju-Ying Hsiao; Chiou-Chen Liao
Mar-1990Cuticular Features of Taiwan Lauraceae and Their Taxonomic Significance歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1984The Effect of Fire on Forest SoilFu-Yuan Lu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Chiou-Cheng Liao; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; 廖秋成
Mar-1996Measuring the Private Holding Forestland's Use Efficiency Toward Sustainability-An Illustration of Nankang Watershed in Nantou County范瑞琛; 歐辰雄; 呂福原; Shaw-Lin Lo; Kai-An Lo
Dec-1999A New Species of Symplocos Juiyenensis (Symplocaceae) from Taiwan王志強; 歐辰雄; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Sep-1998A Observation on Syconia Development and Reproductive Cycle of Ficus pumila L. var. pumila何坤益; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; Kuen-Yih Ho; Wen-Jau Lu; Chem-Hiung Ou
Sep-1995Pay respects to Professor歐辰雄; 呂金誠; Lin Chern-Hsiung Ou; King-Cherng Lu
Mar-1986SEM Studies of Folia Surfaces Feature of Litsea(Lauraceae) in Taiwan歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1996The Setup of Huisun Forest Land Cover Classification System for Three Kinds of Remotely Sensed Data呂金誠; 歐辰雄; Kai-Yi Huang; Mang-Lei Yang
Dec-1999Shannon生態系歧異度指數之介紹與應用:以惠蓀林場紅檜人工林與闊葉樹次生林為例蔡尚惪; 呂金誠; 歐辰雄; 吳聲海; 唐立正; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
2000Studies on the Vegetation Ecology and Natural Regeneration of Fagus hayatae in LalashanKing-Cherng Lu; 歐辰雄; 呂金誠; Huang, Li -Yen; 黃立彥-
Sep-1998Studies on the Vegetation of Chatienshan Nature Reserve (II)The Population Constitutin of Taiwan Beech呂金誠; 歐辰雄; 邱清安; King-Cherng Lu; Chem-Hsiung Ou; Ching-An Chiou
Mar-1994Study on Phytosociology of Secondary Forest in Machilus-Castanopsis Zone at Hue-Sun Experimental Forest Station呂金誠; 李明益; 歐辰雄; King-Cherng Lu; Ming-Yi Li; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Sep-1994Study on Population Ecology of Taiwan incense-cedar in central Taiwan呂金誠; 吳宗穎; 歐辰雄; King-Cherng Lu; Tzong-Yiing Wu; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1984The Succession of India-Charcoal Trema Vegetation on the Alluvium Lau-Dau Brook , Huey-Suen Forest Station(Ⅰ)Fu-Yuan Lu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Chiou-Cheng Liao; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; 廖秋成
Mar-1985Supplement of the Florula of Huey-suen Forest Station(V)Yeh-Ching Liu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; King-Cherng Lu; 劉業經; 歐辰雄; 呂金誠