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2006The Circuit Design of System-on-Panel for Flat Panel Display Based on Low-Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors by Using Continuous Wave Laser Crystallization(II)汪芳興; 戴亞翔; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學電機工程系-
2007The Circuit Design of System-on-Panel for Flat Panel Display Based on Low-Temperature Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors by Using Continuous Wave Laser Crystallization(III)汪芳興; 戴亞翔; 中興大學電機工程系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2012Cyclic digital-to-analog converter with high conversion rateHongchin Lin; 林泓均; Don-Gey Liu; 劉堂傑; Fang-Hsing Wang; 汪芳興; 林平晉; Lin, Ping-Chin; 中興大學-
14-Oct-2015Effect of hydrogen doping on the properties of Al and F co-doped ZnO films for thin film silicon solar cell applicationsTung-HsinYang; Fang-HsingWang; 汪芳興
14-Nov-2015Effects of concentration of reduced graphene oxide on properties of sol–gel prepared Al-doped zinc oxide thin filmsChing-Tian Chou; Fang-Hsing Wang; Wei-Chun Chen; 汪芳興; Sol–gel
2010The effects of the compact blocking layer in the dye-sensitized solar cell汪芳興; Fang-Hsing Wang; 陳宏仁; Hone-Zern Chen; 貢中元; Chung-Yuan Kung; Hsieh, Min-Kang; 謝旻剛; 中興大學-
2011Effects of thickness and annealing on the properties of Ti-doped ZnO films by radio frequency magnetron sputteringChang, H.P.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Chao, J.C.; Huang, C.C.; Liu, H.W.; 劉漢文-
22-Jul-2016Efficiency Enhancement of Flexible Inorganic Powder Electroluminescent Devices Using the BaTiO3 -MWNT Composite Dielectric LayerFang-Hsing Wang; Kuo-Feng Chen; 汪芳興
2010Enhanced conductivity of aluminum doped ZnO films by hydrogen plasma treatmentChang, H.P.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Wu, J.Y.; Kung, C.Y.; Liu, H.W.; 貢中元-
2011Enhanced Luminescence of IEL Device With Carbon-Nanotube-Dielectric Composite LayerChen, K.F.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Chien, Y.H.; Chang, C.C.; Chuang, M.Y.-
2011Fabricate of AZO transparent conductive film for thin film solar cell application楊尚霖; 江雨龍; Fang-Hsing Wang; 汪芳興; 曾志忠; Tseng, Chih-Chung; 中興大學-
12-Jul-2018Fabrication and characterization of transparent conducting reduced graphene oxide/Ag nanowires/ZnO:Ga composite thin films on flexible substratesChing-Tian Chou; Fang-Hsing Wang; 汪芳興
2009Fabrication of post plasma treated aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films for solar cell applications林祐仲; Yow-Jon Lin; 貢中元; Chung-Yuan Kung; 汪芳興; Fang-Hsing Wang; Chen, Ying-Ching; 陳穎慶; 中興大學-
2010Field emission properties of carbon nanotube cathodes produced using composite platingWang, F.H.; 汪芳興; Lin, T.C.; Tzeng, S.D.; Chou, C.T.-
2011Gate-All-Around Poly-Si TFTs With Single-Crystal-Like Nanowire ChannelsKang, T.K.; 汪芳興; Liao, T.C.; Lin, C.M.; Liu, H.W.; Wang, F.H.; Cheng, H.C.-
2011Influence of hydrogen plasma treatment on Al-doped ZnO thin films for amorphous silicon thin film solar cellsWang, F.H.; 汪芳興; Chang, H.P.; Tseng, C.C.; Huang, C.C.; Liu, H.W.; 劉漢文-
10-May-2016Investigation of the Structural, Electrical, and Optical Properties of the Nano-Scale GZO Thin Films on Glass and Flexible Polyimide SubstratesWang, Fang-Hsing; Chen, Kun-Neng; Hsu, Chao-Ming; Liu, Min-Chu; Yang, Cheng-Fu; 汪芳興
2009Multicolor Polymer Disperse Microencapsulated Liquid Crystal DisplaysChen, K.F.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Chan, L.H.; Hsu, S.C.; Chien, Y.H.; Liu, S.H.; Cheng, K.L.-
9-Nov-2016Physical properties of TiO2-doped zinc oxide thin films: Influence of plasma treatment in H2 and/or Ar gas ambient汪芳興; Fang-Hsing Wang; Jen-Chi Chao; Han-Wen Liu; Feng-Jia Liu