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2010Agaricicola taiwanensis gen. nov., sp. nov., an alphaproteobacterium isolated from the edible mushroom Agaricus blazeiChu, J.N.; 楊秋忠; Arun, A.B.; Chen, W.M.; Chou, J.H.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, P.D.; Kampfer, P.; Young, L.S.; Lin, S.Y.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
2009Algoriphagus olei sp nov., isolated from oil-contaminated soilYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Lin, S.Y.; Arun, A.B.; Shen, F.T.; Chen, W.M.; Rekha, P.D.; Langer, S.; Busse, H.J.; Wu, Y.H.; Kampfer, P.; 沈佛亭-
2007Arenimonas malthae sp nov., a gammaproteobacterium isolated from an oil-contaminated siteYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Kampfer, P.; Ho, M.J.; Busse, H.J.; Huber, B.E.; Arun, A.B.; Shen, F.T.; Lai, W.A.; Rekha, P.D.; 沈佛亭-
2009Azospirillum picis sp nov., isolated from discarded tarLin, S.Y.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Hupfer, H.; Sierin, C.; Arun, A.B.; Chen, W.M.; Lai, W.A.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, P.D.; Yassin, A.F.; 沈佛亭-
2008Azospirillum rugosum sp nov., isolated from oil-contaminated soilYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Hupfer, H.; Siering, C.; Ho, M.J.; Arun, A.B.; Lai, W.A.; Rekha, P.D.; Shen, F.T.; Hung, M.H.; Chen, W.M.; Yassin, A.F.; 沈佛亭-
2009Belliella pelovolcani sp nov., isolated from a mud-volcano in TaiwanArun, A.B.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Chen, W.M.; Hung, M.H.; Lai, W.A.; Chou, J.H.; Rekha, P.D.; Shen, F.T.; Su, S.P.; 沈佛亭-
Sep-2016Bioprospecting of facultatively oligotrophic bacteria from non-rhizospheric soilsYu-Shiuan Huang; Fo-Ting Shen; 沈佛亭
2008Chromobacterium aquaticum sp nov., isolated from spring water samplesYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Arun, A.B.; Lai, W.A.; Chen, W.M.; Chao, J.H.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, P.D.; Kampfer, P.; 沈佛亭-
2005Chryseobacterium formosense sp nov., isolated from the rhizosphere of Lactuca sativa L. (garden lettuce)Young, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Kampfer, P.K.; Shen, F.T.; Lai, W.A.; Arun, A.B.; 沈佛亭-
2005Chryseobacterium taichungense sp nov., isolated from contaminated soilShen, F.T.; 楊秋忠; Kampfer, P.; Young, C.C.; Lai, W.A.; Arun, A.B.; 沈佛亭-
2008Comamonas composti sp nov., isolated from food waste compostYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Chou, J.H.; Arun, A.B.; Yen, W.S.; Sheu, S.Y.; Shen, F.T.; Lai, W.A.; Rekha, P.D.; Chen, W.M.; 沈佛亭-
2007Detection of filamentous genus Gordonia in foam samples using genus-specific primers combined with PCR - denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysisShen, F.T.; 楊秋忠; Huang, H.R.; Arun, A.B.; Lu, H.L.; Lin, T.C.; Rekha, P.D.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
2014Diversity, physiological, biochemical and plant growth promoting characteristics of facultative oligotrophs沈佛亭; Yi-Ying Kao; 高薏盈; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Electrochemical characterization and application of indigenous exoelectrogenic bacteria沈佛亭; Hong-Wei Pi; 皮宏偉; 土壤環境科學系所
2011The flexibility of UV-inducible mutation in Deinococcus ficus as evidenced by the existence of the imuB-dnaE2 gene cassette and generation of superior feather degrading bacteriaZeng, Y.H.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Tan, C.C.; Huang, C.C.; Young, C.C.; 黃介辰; 譚鎮中; 沈佛亭-
2010Fontibacter flavus gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the family 'Cyclobacteriaceae', isolated from a hot springKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Chen, W.M.; Rekha, P.D.; Fallschissel, K.; Lodders, N.; Chou, J.H.; Shen, F.T.; Frischmann, A.; Busse, H.J.; Arun, A.B.; 沈佛亭-
16-Nov-2016Functional diversity and dominant populations of bacteria in banana plantation soils as influenced by long-term organic and conventional farmingYu-Meng Chou; Fo-Ting Shen; Shih-Chao Chiang; Chun-Mei Chang; 沈佛亭
2011Glutamate wastewater as a culture medium for Azospirillum rugosum production and its impact on plant growthSingh, S.; 楊秋忠; Rekha, P.D.; Arun, A.B.; Hameed, A.; Shen, F.T.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
2011Gordonia humi sp. nov., isolated from soilKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Chu, J.N.; Frischmann, A.; Busse, H.J.; Arun, A.B.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, P.D.; 沈佛亭-
2007Gordonia malaquae sp nov., isolated from sludge of a wastewater treatment plantYassin, A.F.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Hupfer, H.; Arun, A.B.; Lai, W.A.; Rekha, P.D.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-